Wrestling finishes sixth at state

13 individuals participated with five placing in the top six


On Thursday, February 29, the Raider Wrestlers took another trip to the X thanks to their section team win just two weeks prior. Additionally, 13 individuals, four girls and nine boys, stayed near Xcel Energy Center for the individual rounds on Friday and Saturday. As a team, Hastings placed sixth overall for Class AAA on Thursday, and of the 13 individuals, Blake Beissel, Trey Beissel, Derrick Steinke, Ivy Brandenburg and Skylar Little Soldier placed in the top six of their weight classes.
The team event started at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday with Hastings taking on Albert Lea. Hastings fell 33-32. Here are the individual scores. (Fall is a pin. TF is a Tech Fall. Maj/MD is a Major Decision, Dec is a Decision, SV is overtime.)
107 - William Bainbridge (Hastings) over Devon Groess (Albert Lea Area) Fall 6:41
114 - Gavin Lambert (Hastings) over Dylan Groess (Albert Lea Area) Dec 8-3
121 - Blake Beissel (Hastings) over Ryan Collins (Albert Lea Area) TF 16-1
127 - Logan Davis (Albert Lea Area) over Presley McCrae (Hastings) Fall 1:01
133 - Michael Olson (Albert Lea Area) over Donavin Ward (Hastings) Fall 1:02
139 - Brody Ignaszewski (Albert Lea Area) over Jack Bainbridge (Hastings) Dec 6-4
145 - Nick Korman (Albert Lea Area) over Mark Svoboda (Hastings) Fall 2:00
152 - Mason Attig (Albert Lea Area) over Fletcher Peterson (Hastings) Dec 1-0
160 - Brecken Wacholz (Albert Lea Area) over Devon Yang (Hastings) Dec 6-1
172 - Creed Peterson (Hastings) over Triton Cox (Albert Lea Area) Fall 5:42
189 - Cristobal Estrada (Hastings) over Teaghan Tolbers (Albert Lea Area) Fall 4:34
215 - Evan Schroeder (Albert Lea Area) over Elijah Christopher (Hastings) Fall 5:09
285 - Derrick Steinke (Hastings) over William Velazquez (Albert Lea Area) Fall 0:36
With the loss, Hastings went to the consolation side of the bracket to face Forest Lake. Hastings defeated Forest Lake 37-27.
107 - William Bainbridge (Hastings) over Kaden Clark (Forest Lake) TF 16-0
114 - Gavin Lambert (Hastings) over Reid Mold (Forest Lake) Fall 1:51
121 - Presley McCrae (Hastings) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
127 - Blake Beissel (Hastings) over Grant Marr (Forest Lake) SV-1 5-3
133 - Jack Bainbridge (Hastings) over Kody Kohoutek (Forest Lake) TF 17-2
139 - Parker Lyden (Forest Lake) over Mark Svoboda (Hastings) Fall 1:11
145 - Jackson Marr (Forest Lake) over Fletcher Peterson (Hastings) TF 24-8
152 - Dayton Dale (Forest Lake) over Kasen Esterby (Hastings) Maj 21-7
160 - Cullen Christenson (Forest Lake) over Hunter Hoff (Hastings) Fall 3:20
172 - Creed Peterson (Hastings) over Aidan Wasilk (Forest Lake) Dec 11-4
189 - Cristobal Estrada (Hastings) over Gus Christenson (Forest Lake) Dec 5-3
215 - Mark Rendl (Forest Lake) over Elijah Christopher (Hastings) Fall 0:33
285 - Derrick Steinke (Hastings) over Hunter Gruba (Forest Lake) Fall 4:45
That victory gave the Raiders a chance to earn fifth place in the state. Unfortunately, Willmar took down Hastings 35-27.
107 - Beckett Edstrom (Hastings) over Trey Tallman (Willmar) Fall 3:55
114 - William Bainbridge (Hastings) over Logan Fagerlie (Willmar) Dec 5-1
121 - Gavin Lambert (Hastings) over Wyatt Cruze (Willmar) Dec 11-5
127 - Blake Beissel (Hastings) over Ivan Mares (Willmar) Dec 5-1
133 - Cavin Carlson (Willmar) over Jack Bainbridge (Hastings) Maj 12-1
139 - Conlan Carlson (Willmar) over Mark Svoboda (Hastings) Fall 1:40
145 - Sulley Anez (Willmar) over Bennett Brockman (Hastings) Fall 1:19
152 - Isaac Zelaya-Velasquez (Willmar) over Fletcher Peterson (Hastings) Dec 5-0
160 - Cameren Champagne (Willmar) over Devon Yang (Hastings) Maj 15-4
172 - Steven Cruze (Willmar) over Creed Peterson (Hastings) Fall 1:50
189 - Lawson Anez (Willmar) over Cristobal Estrada (Hastings) Fall 3:52
215 - Derrick Steinke (Hastings) over Ramero Trevino (Willmar) Fall 2:43
285 - Tom Conner (Hastings) over Finley Donelan (Willmar) Fall 0:37

Friday saw the start of the individual rounds for the boys. Hastings had nine boys make the tournament: William Bainbridge, Gavin Lambert, Blake Beissel, Trey Beissel, Jack Bainbridge, Fletcher Peterson, Creed Peterson, Cristobal Estrada, and Derrick Steinke.
The first match is the most important to win because you are in control of your path. Losing that first match means the opponent that beat you needs to win again to keep you in the tournament. If your first-round opponent wins the second-round match, you are back in, but if they lose, you are done.
Official Results from Track Wrestling. Weight class and name with regular season record are first, then each round the person wrestled with the results. The score of the round is the last set of numbers (MD 12-3) Meaning Major Decision with a score of 12-3.
107AAA - William Bainbridge (30-16) did not place.
William is a young face to the high school program, but he has been wrestling with his brother and at the youth level for years. Finishing the season with an impressive 30-16 record is quite a feat for a first-year varsity wrestler. Expect the young Bainbridge to be a leader on this team for several years.
Champ. Round 1 - Joe Dauffenbach (Stillwater) 38-13 won by major decision over William Bainbridge (Hastings) 30-16 (MD 12-3)
Cons. Round 1 - Anthony Heim (Shakopee) 47-4 won by decision over William Bainbridge (Hastings) 30-16 (Dec 5-0)
114AAA - Gavin Lambert (36-13) did not place.
Gavin Lambert is an experienced senior wrestler for the Raiders who previously stepped in wherever he was needed for the varsity team. Sometimes he would fill in for injured wrestlers two to three weight classes heavier than he was and found a lot of success in that role. In his last season as a Raider, he was finally given a chance to shine as the varsity starter at 114 pounds. Lambert amassed a 36-13 regular season record and Head Coach Tim Haneberg spoke very highly of Lambert's time in the starting lineup after team sections.
Champ. Round 1 - Brett Swenson (Mounds View) 45-2 won by major decision over Gavin Lambert (Hastings) 36-13 (MD 14-3)
Cons. Round 1 - Alex Gau (Champlin Park) 36-9 won by fall over Gavin Lambert (Hastings) 36-13 (Fall 2:29)

121AAA - Blake Beissel (51-2) placed third.
The upset of the tournament came at 121 pounds with Blake Beissel returning to the state tournament in search of his third title in as many appearances. Blake started the tournament strong, pinning his first opponent and defeating the second by 13 points. The shocker came in round three. Beissel was taking on Lawson Eller of New Prague in a very close match. Both boys wrestled defensively and worked to a 2-2 tie by the end of regulation. At the start of overtime, they positioned well, and both fought for control. They had a few stalemates bringing them back to the neutral position. They both latched on to each other and Beissel appeared to be gaining the upper hand when Eller was awarded control and the win in a controversial decision. Beissel was shocked at the loss and the coaches were pleading the case for the call to no avail. Blake went on to win the remainder of his matches as a senior to end his time as a Raider with a third-place finish in his final trip to the state tournament. Next year, he will be wrestling at the University of Minnesota.
Champ. Round 1 - Blake Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 won by fall over Ryan Collins (Albert Lea Area) 28-17 (Fall 3:45)
Quarterfinal - Blake Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 won by major decision over Gabriel Morin (Bemidji) 43-11 (MD 13-0)
Semifinal - Lawson Eller (New Prague) 48-4 won in sudden victory - 1 over Blake Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 (SV-1 4-2)
Cons. Semi - Blake Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 won by decision over Grayson Eggum (St. Thomas Academy) 42-10 (Dec 1-0)
Third Place Match - Blake Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 won in sudden victory - 1 over Brandon Board (Andover) 47-3 (SV-1 4-2)

127AAA - Trey Beissel (51-2) placed sixth.
The second shock of the tournament was Trey Beissel who was very likely to outdo his brother Blake with the potential to win four straight titles in a row. Unfortunately, Trey injured his knee prior to making the trip to St. Paul for the state tournament. With the injury, Trey was not able to wrestle on Thursday for the team event, but he did attempt to go for individuals. His first match was a win despite the knee slowing him down some and by the time he had won match two and made it to match three, the injury was clearly affecting his performance. The decision was made to end the season due to the injury and the final two matches were medically forfeited. Trey will return to the Raiders lineup next year as a senior where he hopes to earn his third straight title.
Champ. Round 1 - Trey Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 won by major decision over Abram Anderson (Rosemount) 37-8 (MD 11-3)
Quarterfinal - Trey Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 won by fall over Mikey Jelinek (Stillwater) 26-13 (Fall 3:59)
Semifinal - Chase Mills (St. Michael-Albertville) 43-6 won by decision over Trey Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 (Dec 5-2)
Cons. Semi - Tyler Turzinski (Shakopee) 46-8 won by medical forfeit over Trey Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 (M. For.)
Fifth Place Match - Zytavius Williams (Eden Prairie) 35-10 won by medical forfeit over Trey Beissel (Hastings) 51-2 (M. For.)
133AAA - Jack Bainbridge (33-16) did not place.
Bainbridge fought hard in one match of the state tournament, but he fell in a major decision. The opponent that beat him lost in the second round ending the season. Jack has always been on the quieter side of things making it a bit more difficult to get much out of him throughout the season. He is a fierce competitor who always leaves the mat having worked his hardest no matter the situation.
Champ. Round 1 - Sebastian Castin (Apple Valley) 26-20 won by major decision over Jack Bainbridge (Hastings) 33-16 (MD 11-2)
145AAA - Fletcher Peterson (27-21) did not place.
Champ. Round 1 - Sulley Anez (Willmar) 40-7 won by tech fall over Fletcher Peterson (Hastings) 27-21 (TF-1.5 3:32 (15-0))

172AAA - Creed Peterson (30-11) did not place.
Senior Creed Peterson entered the tournament for his third run at a state title. In the three team matches, Peterson went 2-1 with a pin, but he could not duplicate that success in the individual tournament. Creed lost his first match by fall and had to watch as his first-round opponent lost, eliminating him from the tournament after one match and ending his high school career on heartbreaking terms.
Champ. Round 1 - Michael Gillette (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 42-9 won by fall over Creed Peterson (Hastings) 30-11 (Fall 1:50)

189AAA - Cristobal Estrada (18-18) did not place.
First-year varsity wrestler Cristobal Estrada had a very similar fate to that of Creed Peterson. A first-round loss put his tournament future in limbo until his opponent lost in the second round ending his bid for a state championship. The experience of making it to a state tournament seems to drive Raider wrestlers to develop their skills faster and work out harder to return and no doubt that should happen with this young man.
Champ. Round 1 - Sutton Kenning (Saint Cloud Tech) 28-4 won by tech fall over Cristobal Estrada (Hastings) 18-18 (TF-1.5 3:04 (22-6))

215AAA - Derrick Steinke (45-10) placed fourth.
It has been an absolute treat for Raider fans to watch the growth of Derrick Steinke over the last few years. Steinke has been another instrumental leader for the Raiders with his determination and grit. When he steps on the mat, it is game on. Steinke’s trip to fourth place was not an easy one. His consolation semifinal match against Antonio Menard had a few stops for an injury. Steinke is a fierce competitor, but also a solid young man and he appeared genuinely concerned for his opponent at each stoppage. It was unclear how the head injury occurred, but Menard had his bell rung pretty hard. The trainers first allowed the match to continue but it did not take long to realize that was a mistake. The two worked out of bounds and at the restart, Menard went down to a knee and could not regain his balance to stand on his own. Steinke watched over Menard concerned and even though he was happy to have won the match, no good human wants to win that way and Steinke was no different. He will definitely be missed next season after he graduates.
Champ. Round 1 - Derrick Steinke (Hastings) 45-10 won by fall over Tramaine Davis (Andover) 24-10 (Fall 3:08)
Quarterfinal - Dominic Heim (Shakopee) 40-5 won by fall over Derrick Steinke (Hastings) 45-10 (Fall 1:35)
Cons. Round 1 - Derrick Steinke (Hastings) 45-10 won by decision over Ramero Trevino (Willmar) 24-13 (Dec 9-7)
Cons. Round 2 - Derrick Steinke (Hastings) 45-10 won by fall over Cooper Jahnke (Waconia) 44-9 (Fall 2:39)
Cons. Semi - Derrick Steinke (Hastings) 45-10 won by injury default over Antonio Menard (Lakeville North) 30-7 (Inj. 3:00)
Third Place Match - Dominic Heim (Shakopee) 40-5 won by decision over Derrick Steinke (Hastings) 45-10 (Dec 12-5)

100 Girls - Ivy Brandenburg (27-9) placed third.
The warrior comes out when Ivy Brandenburg steps on the mat. She takes on a new attitude on the mat and opponents never really see it coming. The interesting piece to Brandenburg is her level demeanor on the mat, nothing seems to phase her other than making her try harder. She has the heart and drive to do well for the Raiders for some time and her skill is growing with each match which is why she was able to make this her second trip in a row to the state meet.
Quarterfinal - Ivy Brandenburg (Hastings) 27-9 won by decision over Taylor Merschman (Bemidji) 27-14 (Dec 5-1)
Semifinal - Maggie Olson (Albert Lea Area) 17-5 won by decision over Ivy Brandenburg (Hastings) 27-9 (Dec 3-0)
Third Place Match - Ivy Brandenburg (Hastings) 27-9 won by decision over Ava Schultz (St. Michael-Albertville) 32-6 (Dec 5-1)

130 Girls - Annabel Norquist (22-12) did not place.
Annabel Norquist made her second trip to the state meet this year after an extremely solid regular season. Like her teammate Ivy Brandenburg, Norquist keeps a level demeanor throughout her matches. Norquist is one of the Raiders' founding wrestlers for the girls’ team and that leadership carries over to her matches. She is a big reason the girls team hit 20 members this season and she will continue to be a reason they succeed well beyond her graduation.
Quarterfinal - Jovanna Volker (Nash-Kee- Greenway) 26-4 won by decision over Annabel Norquist (Hastings) 22-12 (Dec 8-1)
Cons. Semi - Nora Houglum (Mora) 35-8 won by decision over Annabel Norquist (Hastings) 22-12 (Dec 7-1)

148 Girls - Skylar Little Soldier (19-0) placed 1st and scored 0.0 team points.
What can be said about Skylar Little Soldier that has not already been said? This young lady is beyond amazing. She is a key trailblazer and monster inspiration for girls' wrestling not just in Hastings, but all of Minnesota. Three-time state champion, multiple all-American awards from tournaments all across the country, national rankings, and trips around the globe representing the US, she has accomplished so much already, and she is not done. Her ultimate goal is the Olympics.
To think, this all started when her mom Chulsie was talking to now first-year coach Angie McLay about finding something for Skylar to do when she was younger. McLay suggested wrestling and Skylar was hooked.
From the moment she started, until three years ago, she was wrestling with the boys and she quickly became their little sister. When the Raiders qualified for Team State three years ago, it was also the first-ever MN Girls State Meet. The boys insisted that Skylar was to be on the team for Team State. They were not going to let her off the hook for that, she helped them get there and she was going to finish it. Then she went out and won her first state title with all the boys there to support her.
This year, McLay joined the coaching staff of the girls' program to help keep the program growing.
“It was such an honor to be in her corner for her last state title match,” McLay said.
Given the relationship with the family and being the one who gave that push to join wrestling, it was a fitting end to a high school career filled with firsts. After Little Soldier won her third straight title, she jumped into McLay’s arms, and they were both all smiles.
Little Soldier will be attending Grand Valley State University in Michigan where she will continue to wrestle and follow her dreams to the Olympics. Girls have already been inspired by Little Soldier and when she hits the Olympic mat, that reach will go beyond the borders of Minnesota, and we will all be watching having known she can do it.
Quarterfinal - Skylar Little Soldier (Hastings) 19-0 won by fall over Alaina Franco (Centennial) 20-9 (Fall 0:56)
Semifinal - Skylar Little Soldier (Hastings) 19-0 won by fall over Kelsey Cruz Rojas (Bloomington Kennedy) 31-3 (Fall 3:44)
First Place Match - Skylar Little Soldier (Hastings) 19-0 won by fall over Cece Rock (Luverne) 28-4 (Fall 1:41)

170 Girls - Amelia Miller (17-14) did not place.
Newcomer Amelia Miller made huge strides in her first season and that included a trip to the state tournament. Miller was one of the 14 new girls in the program this year and to make it to the state tournament in a sport that is new to her is a great accomplishment.
Quarterfinal - Maggie Steele (St. Michael-Albertville) 27-11 won by major decision over Amelia Miller (Hastings) 17-14 (MD 11-0)
Cons. Semi - Elsie Olson (Eastview) 14-6 won by decision over Amelia Miller (Hastings) 17-14 (Dec 7-2)
The Raiders did Hastings proud again this year at the state tournament where there were a lot of obstacles to overcome. Wrestling teaches a lot of life skills and this coaching staff and wrestling family led by Tim Haneberg does it right. The parents, coaches, fans, and kids are all wonderful people to be around, they bring a positive energy, and my goodness can they get loud cheering for each other at the X.
Mark it on your calendar now folks, Thursday, February 27 through Saturday, March 1, 2025, will be the next state wrestling tournament. Go for the experience. Go to watch amazing athletes and go to cheer on your Raiders!