SEAS Patriots Archery Teams qualify for Nationals

These teams are historic!


The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (SEAS) School’s NASP Archery Team, the Patriots, started and finished the regular season as the top Middle School Bullseye Team the school has ever fielded. Smashing school records since the first tournament at Faribault on Jan. 6 where the Middle School Bullseye Team had a podium visit in third place and breaking 3,000 for the first time under head coach Ryan Renneke. Breaking 3,000 at the first tournament of the season was extremely exciting because this is the minimum qualifying score a team needs to shoot at the Minnesota State Tournament to qualify into the tier selection for nationals. Also at the Faribault Falcons Tournament, Lillie Shaleen took first in Middle School Female individuals, having her first back-to-back perfect 50 rounds, and taking the top spot on the archery plaque in the school lobby for Middle School Girls with her Personal Best score of 284! Benjamin Weber took first in Elementary School Male Individuals and got into Top 5 Elementary Boys on the school plaque with a score of 265.

NASP Archery has two different range types: Bullseye 10/15 and 3D with 3 Divisions: Elementary (4th-5th grade), Middle School (6th-8th grade), and High School (9th-12th grade).
Archers compete as an individual and their individual score contributes to a team score.
All archers use the same Genesis Original Bow, which can go up to a 20 lb. draw and the same Easton arrows. This is bare bow archery, archery without a bow sight, so archers use the tip of their arrow as their “front” sight.

NASP Bullseye scoring is 3 rounds at 10 meters and 3 rounds at 15 meters.
Each round has 5 arrows and can score up to 50 points for a total score of 300.
Bullseye TEAMS are 12(min)-24(max) Archers.
The top 12 scores, with at least 4 Females and 4 Males, are tabulated for the TEAM score of up to 3600.

NASP 3D has 6 animal targets which are in order: turkey (10m), coyote (11m), bear (12m) antelope (13m), deer (14m), and big horn sheep (15m).
Scoring has a 10 ring, 9 ring, 8 ring, and anywhere else on the animal (except antlers or turkey stump) is a 7. Archers shoot 5 arrows per animal and can score up to 50 points for a total score of 300.
3D TEAMS are 6(min)-24(max) Archers.
The top 6 scores, with at least 2 Females and 2 Males, are tabulated for the team score of up to 1800.

SEAS has a small school waiver which allows our elementary archers to “shoot up” into the middle school team, so when competing, the archers’ elementary individual scores tally into the Middle School team score.
The entire season saw many podium visits in individual in both Bullseye and 3D. It is also the first time in school history, SEAS fielded a 3D team along with the Bullseye team.

A goal Coach Renneke set for the Bullseye team at the beginning of the season was to “bust the plaque,” to get a team score to displace one to the top 5 Middle School scores on the plaque in the school’s lobby, which hadn’t changed since 2019. The team was doing well all season cracking 3,000 but not “busting the plaque” until they went to Zimmerman on March 9th, where they not only “busted the plaque” …the archers destroyed it with a score of 3,111, which put them as the number one team in the school’s record books! No SEAS team had ever scored above 3,100 in school history!

On Friday March 22nd - Saturday March 23rd the St. Elizbeth Ann Seton Patriots Archery team competed in the 2024 MN NASP Bullseye State Tournament and the 2024 MN NASP 3D State Tournament at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN. These Tournaments are the qualifiers for the 2024 NASP Nationals Tournaments held in both Utah (Western) and Kentucky (Eastern).

The Patriots had two individuals place in the Top 10 in Middle School Female 3D, securing guaranteed flights at Nationals. Josie Rondeau had a podium visit taking 5th in the State of Minnesota and Lillie Shaleen placed 7th in the state of Minnesota. They will both be competing at the Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on May 9th-11th!

The Patriots 3D Middle School TEAM scored 1,648, placed in 8th place in the State of Minnesota, and secured a Tier 3 Nationals selection. The team has verified flights and will be competing at Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on May 9th-11th.

The Patriots Bullseye Middle School team scored 3,133, placed in 10th place in the State of Minnesota, and secured a TIER 5 Nationals selection. The team has verified flights and will be competing at Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on May 9th-11th.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Patriots Archery has not shot a Bullseye Nationals qualifying score since 2019 and has never competed in 3D at Nationals. The 2024 Middle School Bullseye team had beaten the school record for highest team score just two weeks before the Minnesota State Tournament at a tournament in Zimmerman with a 3,111 and then crushed their own record at STATE with their 3,133. The 2024 Middle School Bullseye TEAM now holds the top two spots on the Patriots Archery Plaque in the school lobby…HISTORIC.

2024 PRACTICES: 65+ HOURS with thousands & thousands of arrows shot.
2024 BULLSEYE: 12 Tournaments / 217 Flights/ 8,680 Arrows Shot
2024 3D: 6 Tournaments / 51 Flights/ 1,785 Arrows Shot

….and these archers are not done yet…Look out school plaque & Kentucky…here come the PATRIOTS!