School Board cuts 10.5 positions ….

Posted 3/23/22

School Board cuts 10.5 positions Answer hoped to be attrition (article by Jane Lightbourn) Summary: Acting on the reality of less funding, the Hastings school board unanimously votes to cut 10.5 …

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School Board cuts 10.5 positions ….


School Board cuts 10.5 positions Answer hoped to be attrition (article by Jane Lightbourn) Summary: Acting on the reality of less funding, the Hastings school board unanimously votes to cut 10.5 positions from the 1982 -83 school year. “We’re hoping attrition will take care of the positions,” superin –

tendent Kenneth LaCroix tells the board, with the additional news that since 1974 when the district had adopted a “staffing design,” 31 po sitions had been cut, with just two placed on unrequested leave.

Going into the fall school year, Hastings schools could count on one less high school social studies teacher, one senior guidance counselor, and one Ag teacher, among other cuts. the cutting of a social worker drew the most comment and concern from board members.

News from Across the River 100 Years Ago THE PRESCOTT TRIBUNE March 2, 1922 Realizing the need of cooperation between students and basketball boys to attain the desired efficiency necessary to win basketball games, I am asking everyone to read the following paragraphs. Will you promise to abide by the requests they contain?

(To the Squad) I am asking you to sign up, agreeing to follow the rules mentioned, under one condition, and that is, that you keep them… One weak enough to break training rules at will and for the purpose of showing their friends their lack of true sportsmanship, will always fail in a critical moment when it takes nerve and that they are of no use to the team when that last two minutes means a win or lose. If you have the spirit of the school and the spirit of the team at heart and want to get out and fight for the district champion ship, let’s get down to business.

(To the students) I hope the students will enter into this with the same spirit as I expect from the squad and help the boys keep in training. Do not plan parties or other activities that will tempt others to break rules and give credit to those who are trying to uphold the seriousness of training for a winning basketball team. – Coach Lentz Rules 1. I agree to refrain from the use of tobacco in any form.

2. I will not eat candy, pie, cake, the center of bread, buns or rolls, can- died cookies or flavored ice cream.

3. I will not drink more than one cup of coffee each day, or one glass of soft drinks each day.

4. I will eat my meals as regularly as possible and will not overeat at any time.

5. I will eat only eggs, milk, bread, butter and toast three hours before a game.

6. I will give my best efforts to my school work that I may be eligible for every game.

7. I will exercise by best efforts to keep from losing my head during the game and will play clean, heady basketball no matter how my opponent may treat me (Get him outside after the game).

8. I will carry a towel with my basketball suit and rub down thoroughly after every practice.

9. I will do all in my power to care for my health that my physical condition will be the very best at all times.

10. I will report any member of the squad breaking the rules and will feel grateful to anyone reporting me to the coach for violation of these rules.

11. I will be in bed by 10 o’clock every night except on the night of a game and the following night except changed by the coach.

12. As members of the squad we stand “all for one and one for all” and pledge our loyalty to each other. Signed: Harry Snyder Fred Budworth Bern Neinstadt Fat Murray Rollin Wolf Dean Leseman Wil Firner Pete Robison Lloyd Priestley 115 Years Ago THE DAILY GAZETTE Hastings, Minnesota February 27, 1907 The Secret of Human Society It is only because each man is so different from his fellows that we are able to endure one another’s company.

Also 115 Years Ago CANNON FALLS BEACON March 15, 1907 PIANO CONTEST The piano contest has developed most encouragingly all along the line. There is still room for more contestants and plenty of time for those who may wish to enter.

The contest will not close for at least two months yet and 30 days published noticed will be given. Get into the game!

The standing of contestants to date is as follows: Victoria Lundeen…9,116 Matilda Anderson…9,047 Mattie Bancroft…7,344 Pearl Dack…7,092 Hilda Hanson…4,212 Mrs. C. A. Sylvester…4,030 Hilda Eklund…3,211 Belle Midje….3,025 Lydia Trager…2,060 Jennie Gustafson….1,825 Help one of the young ladies in the Beacon Piano Contest: 500 votes for a new subscription; 200 votes for each year in advance, and 100 votes for each year of overdue subscription paid now.

Pay up what you owe for the Beacon and get 100 votes for each year for your favorite in the Piano contest.

Civil War era news 155 Years Ago THE HASTINGS GAZETTE Edited by Todd and Stebbins March 23, 1867 City Rail Road Bonds.

To the EDITOR of the Gazette: The electors of this city will be called upon on the 2nd day of April next, to vote whether or not they will authorize a gift of $100,000, in bonds with interest, to the Hastings & Dakota Company.

The following facts and figures show that the result of the election should be emphatically no: It is admitted by the president of the railroad company that the land granted by congress for the build- ing of the railroad is sufficient, the company will get 10 sections, 6,400 acres of land, for every mile built. That significant grant of itself insures the construction of the road.

It is also in fact admitted by the company, that the company has already contracted for the grading and railroad tie laying of the first twenty miles of the road; that negotiator’s are in progress for the purchase of the iron and rolling stock for the same, and that the chief engineer is getting up his plots, etc, “preparatory to the commencing of the work”…let the people beware how they vote upon themselves a debt of $200,000 or $300,000, which will be a lien upon their houses and lots as long as they live.

Territorial Dispatch 166 Years Ago DAKOTA WEEKLY JOURNAL Published by Walter Nimocks August 29 1857* Fatal Accident: We learn that a man fell off the bluff to the Levee at Nininger on Wednesday last, and was so badly injured that he could not survive.

We did not learn his name.


Public Domain story From Godfry’s Lady’s Book.

THE CHILD OF THE PRAIRIE By Metta Victoria Fuller “Now daughter, to work!” she said, addressing herself in a very affectionate voice as she drew forth pencils and a black drawer back and began.

Steadily she worked away for a long time, the color deepening in her cheek with…(unclear text)… There was an exquisite atmosphere over the distant banks and hills, bringing out every feature of the… in soft relief.

For two hours she labored diligently, and stopped to…as leaning her elbow on the knee, she exclaimed: “There, dear papa, I know you will recognize that.” After pausing a moment, she shook off her weariness in a long sigh, and, tossing back the bright profusion of her hair, she glanced around her to take in the whole of the beautiful prospect.

*The preservation of early issues of the Dakota Weekly Journal on mi – crofilm is spotty, leading to missing dates and large gaps between issues on same.