Outdoor Adventures

Posted 5/19/21

Teamwork By Brian G. Schommer It has been said by owners of Traeger, Pit Boss and several other higher-end grills of the wood pellet type that “this will be the last grill that you ever own.” …

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Outdoor Adventures



By Brian G. Schommer

It has been said by owners of Traeger, Pit Boss and several other higher-end grills of the wood pellet type that “this will be the last grill that you ever own.” This might lead you to believe that the quality and ease of use of these cooking apparatuses hit levels of awesomeness that simply could never be attained with a lesser brand. That may be the case, however, to assemble one of these things is time consuming and if you have hands of average size, getting the legs connected is tricky. The manual recommended setting three plus hours aside to complete the task. With a lot of teamwork, laughter, and a little foul language, we knocked it out in two hours and fifty-three minutes and YES, it is still all together. Teamwork is what got us to the finish line.

While we are talking about teamwork, hats off to manager Shawn Matson and the Hastings Hawks on notching their first win of the season on Saturday, May 15th against the Wanamingo Jacks. With the return of the college players, a few new additions, and a solid core of veterans, the local nine could surprise some people this season. Teamwork will certainly be the key to success and if you are a fan of baseball, ample opportunity awaits you at Veterans Park this year. You can check out the Hawks schedule and much more at www.hastingshawks.com or better yet, head to the ballpark tomorrow night (Friday, May 21st at 7:30pm) to cheer the Hawks on as they host the Dundas Dukes in a Classic Cannon Valley League match-up.

Should you go to the game, one thing you will notice is how nice the ballpark is looking. The infield looks better than it has in years with sharp, crisp baselines and well-manicured grass. The newly added outfield fence windscreen gives the park a finished look that is visually pleasing. My hat stays tipped to the Hawks organization for this as they are the driving force for this. The pride that the organization has in our community is evident. In addition to time donated for field maintenance and upkeep, the organization also provides field crew, concessions and public address for high school and youth baseball games. It is a normal occurrence to hear visitors from other communities complimenting Hastings for such a great baseball environment. The true unsung heroes are the Hastings Hawks. I believe it is not the number of facilities a City has to offer its residents, but rather that the city takes pride in the facilities they have. This can never be the sole responsibility of “the City,” as in, City Staff and Government. Collaboration is key to the success in most situations. It takes teamwork and the Hawks more than pull their weight at Veterans Park.

Sunday, May 16th marked the return of the Historic Hastings Car Show. Like many things, there have been some changes made, most noticeably, moving the show from Saturday evenings to Sunday afternoons. The age of the vehicles allowed to participate has been changed with the cutoff being cars from 1985 and older. The event will also be held on the third Sunday of each month (May through September) instead of every other weekend. These changes, like changes often do, drew fire from critics which is to be expected. Critics are going to criticize. As my love bride and I walked together, taking in the fresh air, seeing friends out, appreciating the advancements in transportation yet still very much wanting a 1967 Ford Mustang convertible with a 289 in Acapulco Blue and black interior, I could only be thankful for the opportunity to again be able to go to a car show. Criticizing the organizers for their efforts to provide this free, outdoors activity was not something that crossed my mind. Again, the hat is off to the Downtown Business Association and the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce for your teamwork. The next show will be Sunday, June 26th from 11am to 4pm.

For those who cannot bring themselves to attending a car show on a Sunday, you are in luck. The Hastings VFW Post 1210 will be hosting a car show on Saturday, June 26th at the Crossroads Mall with check-in starting at 9am. The entry fee is $20 in advance or $25 the day of the show. The show itself will run from 10am until 4pm. For information on how to register your classic car for the show, email [email protected] com or call 651-437-8231. If you have ever been in the military, you know the importance of teamwork. While never officially a member of the armed forces, I was in ROTC in college and salute all who have served this great nation, as well as those who do so at this time and will in the future. This car show is a great opportunity to check out the cars of yesteryears and a great way to show your support for those men and women who gave some or all so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we do.

There are so many opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors at this time of year. Most are the result of collaborative efforts of several individuals who together pool their time, talent, and treasure to complete the task at hand. Are you a critic or do you choose to be a supporter? It would be a safe assumption, while we should never assume, that most of us are a little of both. A better question may be, does your needle tilt more towards being one that regularly criticizes things or are you more appreciative by nature? When you find yourself criticizing, do you try to find a way to get involved to induce change? Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” Even if it is putting together a pellet grill. Get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors.