News from across the River ….

Posted 4/6/22

News from across the River 100 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL February 23, 1922 It was rumored around town the first of the week that the C. B. & Q Railway were contemplating the laying of a …

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News from across the River ….


News from across the River

100 years ago THE PRESCOTT JOURNAL February 23, 1922 It was rumored around town the first of the week that the C. B. & Q Railway were contemplating the laying of a double track from Alma to Hastings this season and would also put in a new railroad bridge here, straighten out some of the bad curves and make other improvements. We have been unable to verify the report, however, and give the report for what it is worth. As a rule the railroad companies are slow to inform the public of intended changes and we shall wait for something more authentic before giving the report too much credence.

Down at Cannon Falls

115 Years Ago CANNON FALLS BEACON March 29, 1907 For Sale or Exchange Oxford Mill property on the little Cannon, 3 miles south of Cannon Falls, including 80 acres of land and 8-room residence. The power consists of a stone dam with good body of water and fall of about 18 feet. The threestory stone custom mill has not been rebuilt since the fire, but the walls are in good condition. Will sell at a reasonable price, or exchange for farming lands. Address First National Bank, Northfield Minnesota. 29 33.

Territorial Dispatches

164 Years Ago EMIGRANT AID AND JOURNAL Published at Nininger, Minnesota, Dakota County March 3, 1858 Nininger Lyceum There was another large gathering on Monday evening to hear the adjourned debate on the questions of the Immortality of the Soul. It lost some of its interest on this occasion, as the speaking was confined to one on each side; notwithstanding this, however, the audience endured the stifling atmosphere of a warm and unventilated room until near eleven o’ clock, when it was abruptly terminated and given to the jury, thus preventing others who may have desired, from participating in the discussion. The jury gave a unanimous verdict in favor of the affirmative.

166 Years Ago THE HASTINGS


A family journal devoted to territorial interests, politics, education, news, commerce, literature, poetry, agriculture, and amusement Volume 1, Number 5 C. Stebbins, Editor and Publisher August 27, 1857 A HINT TO BACHELORS—A lady named Mary Ann Eldridge had occasion to send note to a gentleman, and put two r’s in the signature, thus— 'Marry Ann Eldridge.’ The man was a bachelor, and consequently took the hint—he did marry Ann Eldridge.

THE PIGEONS—The wild pigeons are flocking the fields and forests in all directions affording excellent sport for the sportsman. Large numbers are killed daily, and there appears to be but little demand for them in the market. So numerous are they in some neighborhoods that they are becoming an absolute pest, and are committing depredations by eating up the wheat still standing in shocks.

A National Thanksgiving— Nowhere in the United States, has there prevailed, this year, any serious epidemic. Cholera, yellow fevers, typhoids, and all the host of desolating diseases that have scattered woe in their path during the season passed, seem to have been banished this year, from the land.

An item of interest which should call the attention of the visitor we refer to those beautiful mounds…south-east of this city. One of them is a perfect cone, and is evidently the work of men’s hands, but at what period in the world’s history is a mystery. The one we allude to is from sixty to seventyfive feet high, rising directly from the level prairie. From the summit the visitors can command a view of near twenty miles in all directions.