Letters to the Editor

Let’s work together


To the editor:
A sign on a neighborhood lawn spoiled my day today. It read “Joe and the Hoe gotta go.” Cute, flippant, and completely out of place in our town and country. Let's disagree but let's discuss our disagreement. Let's have a favorite candidate but let's not disparage. dehumanize; and demean another candidate.
Let's come to an understanding that we must compromise with each other. Our country's history should tell us that when we go to either political extreme we have to correct and move back toward center. Neither extreme of the political world would work in the long run. However, respect, discussion, and compromise will serve us to flex both Left and Right as needs arise and change.
It's been the beauty of our country that we have been able to face problems and jointly solve them. Let's commit ourselves to work together to solve our problems and resist the urge to dehumanize and ignore each other.
Terry Hartman