Legalize Marijuana Now Party not a major party status


Last month, Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin filed a petition with the Minnesota Supreme Court seeking a declaration that the Legal Marijuana Now Party did not meet the requirements established in state law to qualify for major party status. Today, a district court judge issued an order recommending that the Minnesota Supreme Court declare that the Legal Marijuana Now Party did NOT meet the requirements for major party status.

“After years of gamesmanship and chicanery, we are pleased with the court’s findings, which make it clear that the Legal Marijuana Now Party is not a major political party and should not be afforded the benefits that come with that status,” said Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin. “Despite the Legal Marijuana Now Party’s stated purpose, there is only one party in Minnesota that has delivered on the promise of legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis, and that is the Minnesota DFL.”

The Minnesota Supreme Court had asked the district court to determine the facts and make recommendations relevant to three different requirements that the Legal Marijuana Now Party was required to meet to maintain its major party status. The district court has concluded that the Legal Marijuana Now Party did not meet any of the three requirements in question.

The Minnesota DFL expects the Legal Marijuana Now Party to object to the district court’s findings and recommendation.

Last year, both the DFL and the Minnesota GOP supported raising the threshold required to achieve major party status in Minnesota.