Hastings wastewater plant recognized for outstanding operations


The Hastings wastewater treatment plant was among 253 municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants recognized by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) for outstanding operations in 2023.

To receive this recognition, facilities must demonstrate consistent compliance with monitoring, operations, and maintenance requirements; submit accurate, on-time reports to the MPCA; and employ staff certified by the MPCA in wastewater operations.

"Communities across Minnesota rely on wastewater treatment facilities to stay healthy and well,” said Nicole Blasing, Municipal Division director at MPCA. “Operators at these facilities are critical to protecting and preserving water quality, and the MPCA is deeply grateful for their considerable efforts and service to their community.”

The MPCA recognizes outstanding wastewater operators each year. Minnesota has approximately 1,600 municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. A total of 767 facilities, from communities of all sizes, were reviewed, with 253 qualifying for the outstanding operations recognition.

More than 50 years ago, the Clean Water Act established the basic framework for regulating pollution in waters by creating water quality standards to protect drinking water and to maintain a healthy aquatic community for animal and recreational uses. These standards led to wastewater treatment facilities improving the cleanliness of water before water is returned to a river or stream.