Posted 9/29/21

OUTDOOR Adventures Fall outdoor adventures by Brian G. Schommer I recently conducted a little social media poll based on one simple question. “What is your favorite Fall activity… and why?” In …

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OUTDOOR Adventures

Fall outdoor adventures

by Brian G. Schommer

I recently conducted a little social media poll based on one simple question. “What is your favorite Fall activity… and why?” In less than 24 hours, 35 different comments were received which, if you do the math is about 1.4583 answers per hour. To stay on course with “Outdoor Adventures” and not digress into a column about mathematics, I will share some of the activities that different people shared. Who knows, maybe this will help you plan a few upcoming adventures of your own? Before I do, I need to vent for a few seconds. The question I asked was two-fold and for the most part, was not answered in the manner requested. Most were eager to share what activities are most enjoyable, but few explained why. Maybe it was just too personal of a question or, more likely, those choosing to reply did not read the entire question. Attention spans tend to be very short with most humans no matter their age. Looking at some symptoms of adult ADHD such as problems focusing on a task, trouble multitasking, impulsiveness, excessive activity, and restlessness; we all may know a few people who fit the mold. It might even be the person looking back at you in the mirror. It certainly could be for me, but I digress, again. So, without any further ado, here are some of the top Fall activities that garnered response from various folks on my Facebook page. Football received the most comments on the thread and some people were very specific as to Vikings Football, Gopher Football and even one High School Football (Go Raiders). My favorite was “crying after a Vikings game” and knowing this person well, I have to say, it is more like “whining” after their game and usually about the referees, the poor play calling by the coach and immobility of the quarterback, who by the way, has been looking good as of late. For those who are football fans, getting out to see a game is as easy as checking out the local high school schedule and heading to your town’s gridiron. If you really want to have some fun, go to a middle school, 9th grade, B-squad or Junior Varsity game. Those kids are not used to people other than their family showing up. The level of appreciation will be felt when you see their effort. A tie for second to football was bonfires, apple orchards (or apple anything for that matter) and fall festivals. Hayrides and corn mazes tie into these types of activities as well. We have some of the best apple orchards around and finding one that offers hayrides and corn mazes is easy. The sites, sounds and smells at an orchard are the type that tend to engrain themselves into the memory bank for years and years. Who doesn’t have a fond memory of going to an orchard? If you don’t, you need to put this adventure on your “MUST DO” list immediately. You will be glad you did. For those who enjoy water activities, kayaking and fishing were a couple activities mentioned that while opportunity is fleeting, they still exist. My friend who shared kayaking as a favored option went on to explain it was a great way to see the fall colors without a lot of noise. I said most did not explain why these activities were their favorite, some did. My friend who mentioned fishing shared his reason as well; “because the big girls come out to bite.” Maybe folks who enjoy fall activities that include water pay more attention to things? Again, I digress. Riding motorcycles, drives along the St. Croix taking in the beautiful colors and smells of fall, bowhunting, shooting sports, hunting, hiking, walking the dog, playing disc golf, making, and eating chili, going on vacations to tropical places (obviously someone who dislikes fall and winter), outdoor music festivals… Simply put, there are so many activities available to experience many “Outdoor Adventures.” What will yours be? Craig Beissel, I did not forget your comment about getting the snowmobiles ready. I guess that is what happens when you don’t ride a Polaris. We just turn the key and go when the snow flies. Skidoo’s must take a lot of extra maintenance, but again, I digress. Get Out and Enjoy the Great Outdoors.