30 Years ago HASTINGS ….

Posted 9/15/21

30 Years ago HASTINGS STAR-GAZETTE September 5, 1991 Stories archived down at City Hall: City Council voices opposition to airport. Page 9A. Local farmers will make second trip to Russia/3B Golf at …

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30 Years ago HASTINGS ….


30 Years ago

HASTINGS STAR-GAZETTE September 5, 1991 Stories archived down at City Hall: City Council voices opposition to airport. Page 9A.

Local farmers will make second trip to Russia/3B Golf at 90: We’re not talking scores, we’re talking age!

First city budget session finds spending requests $300,000 over Disposing of Hazardous Waste: Next week is your chance to drop off such wastes as paint, varnish, old car batteries and more. Page 10A.

Highway 55 update: The safety factor is being stressed in the Highway 55 project as the road goes from two lanes to four. Page 3A.

Township Government, then and now: Walter Bauer (then) and Judy Krupich (now), both Nininger town clerks. Much has changed in township government from the ‘then’ to the ‘now.’ From less government to more, from fewer rules to more. From a rural area to a more developed area. Two township clerks talk about change in rural America. Page 12B.

People Priorities: The county’s first park director of 20 years is retiring. He talks about what’s been happening to the parks in Dakota County. Page 13B.

Obituaries: Dorothy J. Frandrup, age 66 of Vermillion; Jason M. Baudoin, age 18 of Cottage Grove; Robert J. Williamson, age 90 of Hastings on Aug. 31; Angus Pederson, with full notice in September 12 issue.

45 Years ago THE HASTINGS GAZETTE Minnesota’s Oldest Weekly Newspaper September 16, 1976 Discussion on Rental of County Annex Goes To Administrative Practices Meeting Dawn Sheridan of the Hastings Family Service agains appeared before the Dak. Co. Board on Sept. 14, asking the Boards’ decision as to letting Hastings Family Service, in conjunction with other private and Government Human Services Agencies, rent County Annex, between the time the County Highway Dept. moves to the Government Center and the Hastings Human Services Center is completed, for which a grant has been applied, the estimated rental time period is up to 2 years. Mrs. Sheridan said Family Service and other contracting agencies would pay maintenance cost. Proposed agencies were Hastings Youth Action Council, Dakota County Mental Health and Welfare, the latter two for contacts in this area.

Mr. Mills, who at the last meeting stressed sale of the property, said the building had been appraised at approximately $100,000.

Local Youth attend Punt, Pass and Kick Competition, Sept. 11 This year’s competition for Punt, Pass and Kick was held last Saturday afternoon at Todd field with over 50 entrants.

Winners of the competition, which included 8-13 yearolds, were as follows (listed in order 1st, 2nd, and 3rd): 8 yrs., Steven Ackerman, John Gulcher, Dean Nelson; 9 yrs., Tim Pearson, Paul Dotson, Gary Ruedy; 10 yrs., Peter McGinnes, John Moes, Corey Plath; 11 yrs., Bill Kline, Tim Johnson, David Johnson; 12 yrs., Steve Gerke (Prescott), Wayne Lura, Jr. (Prescott), and Robert Shingledecker; 13 yrs., Tim Harris (Prescott), Chris Binder, and Tom Kosec.

Hastings in the Civil War 157 Years Ago HASTINGS CONSERVER August 30, 1864 OUR QUOTA.—The following are the quotas assigned to the several towns of this county. Most of them have been filled by volunteering: Burnsville, 5; Castle Rock, 17; Douglas, 6; Eagan, 12; Empire City, 9; Eureka, 13; Greenvale, 13; Hampton, 23; Hastings, 88; Inver Grove, 19; Lakeville, 18; Lebanon, 6; Marshall, 15; Mendota, 10; Nininger, 13; Randolph, 3; Ravenna, 6; Rosemount, 10; Sciota, 7; Vermillion, 10; Waterford, 11; West St. Paul, 21.

River News—The river continues at its lowest stage, and prospects are decidedly discouraging. The smallest boats are hardly able to reach St. Paul, another change being necessary here or just above.

Capt. Davison has been constructing dams at Kaposia and other bars near St. Paul, with a view of turning the water in the main channels and dredging them out (through an increase of flow volume in a narrow space). They have proved quite successful, occasioning a rise of several inches.

The Northern Star, which was repaired here, has been launched and gone into the freight business. She left for St. Paul on Friday.

Steamboat Raising A novel feat of this kind is being successfully accomplished in Lake Pepin this summer, which surpasses anything hitherto undertaken in these waters. The steam Hamburg, which sunk in the lake during the spring of 1858, in twenty-two feet of water, has been raised from her watery bed, and is now on dry land. The machinery is quite valuable, worth about $12,000, and several prior attempts has been made to raise it, but utterly failed. To D. B. Kelley, esq., of Red Wing, belongs the credit of the enterprise. To judge the magnitude of the undertaking we would state that the block and cables used weights 1,400 lbs. each, and a chain, seventy-five feet in length, about 2,030 lbs. This by a contrivance of Mr. Kelley, was passed around the vessel and formed the basis of the operations. To this the cable was attached, and run by horsepower from the shore, two hundred feet distant. The boilers and engines are to be used in a new boat building at Maiden Rock by Capt. Eames, which will be completed at Wacouta. The job was of two month’s duration, and at an estimated cost of $2,000.

Territorial Dispatch 156 Years Ago DAKOTA WEELY JOURNAL January 31, 1857 The New State.

Mr. Barrows of Olmsted County introduced the following memorial to Congress asking the passage of a bill, that would empower the people of this Territory to determine the boundaries and limits of the State to be admitted. It is ably drawn and the request is based upon round, practical democratic doctrine. It passed by a decided vote of Ayes 25, Nays 10.

To the Honorable the Congress of the United States: The Memorial of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Minnesota: That your memorialists have learned with regret, that a bill has been reported to and is now pending in your Honorable body, providing for the division of the present Territory of Minnesota, by a line running from the Northwest corner of Iowa, north by the line of the Big Sioux and Red rivers, to the line of the British Possessions in North America, and for the formation of the State of Minnesota to comprise and include all the Territory lying east of the proposed line of division and embraced within the present limits of Minnesota….While your memorialists thus protest against any provisions of any bill imposing upon the people of the Territory any particular limits to the country to be included in the State of Minnesota, they are desirous that your Honorable body shall pass a proper bill, giving to the people of the Territory as it is now, the consent of congress, to the formation of a State Constitution with such Territorial limits as they may prescribe preparatory to the admission of the State of Minnesota into the Union upon equal footing with the original states.

Your Memorialists, therefore, pray that your Honorable body, will, at as early a day as practicable, pass a proper bill giving to the people of this Territory, your consent to the formation of such State Constitution by them, with such Territorial limits as they through their Delegation, in convention assembled, may prescribe, and they by their votes may adopt, within the boundaries of the present Territory of Minnesota.

News from Dakota.

We understand a new town is to be laid out at Bunnell’s Place, in Dakota County, on the Mendota road. It is twelve miles from Hastings, and the same distance from St. Paul.


We call attention to the card of Dr. H. P. Rose, in another column. His rooms, in Edgar’s building are fitted up with great neatness and convenience. Those who have need of a Dentist will find him thoroughly skilled in his profession.— We have heard good testimony of his work since he has been in town.