\20 Years Ago January ….

Posted 2/24/21

\20 Years Ago January 25, 2001 Hastings Star-Gazette Highway 55 may be joined with CR 42 Study of Highway 52/ County Road 42 interchange will include option of realigning Highway 55 and turning …

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\20 Years Ago January ….


\20 Years Ago January 25, 2001 Hastings Star-Gazette Highway 55 may be joined with CR 42 Study of Highway 52/ County Road 42 interchange will include option of realigning Highway 55 and turning diagonal stretch over to Rosemount.

(map of juncture, with accompanying story by Star-Gazette managing editor Randy Roberts) Stega-Snow-Rus Invasion (photo by Randy Roberts) The Hastings Star Gazette received several calls about this unusual snow sculpture at the home of John Wiederholt and Anne McNamara….The “stegasnow- rus” was created by Anne’s brother-in-law, Scott Dekart of Oakdale, and his daughter Claire McNamara. The woman’s head (background,) named “Jackie Snow,” was sculpted by Anne and her sister Karen McNamara.

NEWS ITEMS: Your contributions to the pages of this newspaper are welcome. Mail or hand-deliver information to the office or fax it to (651) 437-****. Deadline is Monday noon.

FIRST AMENDMENT: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” 40 Years Ago HASTINGS STAR-GAZETTE March 5, 1981 WHAT’S HAPPENING?

School Board March 12 The District 200 School Board is scheduled to meet on Thursday March 12 at 7 p.m. in the board room at the Hastings Junior High School.

The meeting is open to the public.

Prayer Day Friday The World Day of Prayer sponsored by Church Women United will be held Friday, March 6, at 1 p.m. (in the) Regina Chapel The program, “The Earth is the Lord’s,” written by American Indians, will be presented by the United Methodist Church women and will include a special presentation by the church’s “Motion Choir.”

Baby-sitting will be provided.

The community is invited.

Style show Monday The Hastings Jaycee Women will present their 24th Annual benefit style show, “Buttons and Bows,” March 9 at the Steamboat Inn, Prescott.

Cocktails will be served at 6 p.m. with dinner at 7 p.m. and the show at 8 p.m.

Fashions will be by Maurices and Perman’s with other fashions by The Stylemakers.

Tickets are $7.25 and may be purchased at the above stores or by calling 437-**** or 437-****. 56 Years Ago THE HASTINGS GAZETTE October 1, 1964 ‘…by Summer’ Seedlings Ordered For 40-Acre Rebecca Park ….thousand Scotch and Norwegian seedlings haver been ordered by the Hastings Jaycees for planting in Lake Rebecca (Park) and other work is progressing on site, in anticipation of a (summer) completion date on the project.

County Awards Bid On Highway Shop The Dakota county board of commissioners Monday awarded a $219,900 contract to Antler Corp., Little Canada , for construction of two county highway department buildings at the southwest edge of Hastings.

Antler was the lowest of 12 bidders on the project, which calls for construction of a brick and concrete block shop and a smaller unheated block building for storage. Construction site is along the north side of Co. Rd. 47, across from Kaiser’s Auto Parts.

NEW COMMANDER FOR GUARD UNIT First Lieutenant Peter Fasbender, 1625 Maple, a Guardsman the past 17 years and an officer of the Hastings National Guard unit today (Oct. 1), according to unit officials.

Lt. Fasbender replaces First Lieutenant Larry Mc-Namara, who moves up to Battalion level promotion. A Guardsman 16 years and an officer 8, Lt. McNamara has been the local C.O. for about a year and a half.

Both McNamara and Fasbender watched the unit go through special maneuvers this past weekend, as the Hastings Guards participated in a Battalion-wide mock war to better prepare them for any emergency that might arise. The First Battalion consists of Hastings, Stillwater, and Red Wing units, and the field maneuvers were staged at Red Wing.

The overnight encampment was reportedly a success, according to Battalion leaders. In the mock war, the Anti-Tank Platoon and the Re-Con Platoon of Hastings attacked the remainder of the units.

Driver Needs More Hands Observed on Vermillion Street at 8:20 a.m. Tuesday: A Hastings woman, with a Chihuahua dog in her left hand and a cup of steaming coffee in her right hand, driving a station wagon by nudging the steering wheel with her wrists.

Eddy On Board of Minn. Republicans Who Support LBJ (photo) Robert A. Eddy of Hastings, an attorney practicing at Thompson Grove, is the incorporator of a new organization known as Minnesota Republicans and Independents for Johnson In., according to an announcement made this week…They charge that “Goldwater and his supporters do not represent the ‘mainstream’ thinking of the majority of the members of the Republican Party—but rather the thinking of a vocal, dedicated minority!… The policy statement continues by opposing a leadership that would be “given to extremist groups that have weakened the Republican Party, and who are using the Senator’s candidacy to pit American against American, economic group against economic group, race against race, and one section of this country against another.”

In endorsing President Johnson, the organization states that “a resounding defeat for Goldwater is essential to the future of the of the Republican Party; The preservation of the two-party system; and the strengthening of this nation.”

Organizer Eddy himself has been closely allied with Republican politics in Dakota county, but led a group vigorously opposing support of Goldwater at the county Republican convention last spring. 100 Years Ago PRESCOTT TRIBUNE March 3, 1921 PRESCOTT BRIDGE COMPANY STOCK SELLING FAST The Prescott Bridge Company has sent a circular letter to all its stockholders its week soliciting their aid in selling the balance of the stock; their plan is very feasible and should be put across.

The letter in part is as follows: “We are pleased to state that the $56,000.00 of stock has been sold without any expense to your Company, and it is the desire of your Board of Directors to sell the balance of $44,000.00 without any expense if possible so that when this is done we will have the full $100,000.00 intact for use of building the bridge, it being quite customary in floating issues of stock to pay stock salesmen from 10 to 15 percent commissions for the work, but by so doing when the stock is sold there would be a deficit of around $15,000.00 on the books to begin with, and before we could show net earnings on the Capital this deficit would have to be taken care of. If we can sell the balance of the stock without this expense it means that we would have a clean slate to start with or as we often say: “A dollar saved is a dollar made.”

114 Years Ago CANNON FALLS BEACON February 23, 1906 Ad one: THOMPSON’S CLOTHING HOUSE Cash our only terms Store Close 6 P. M.

Saturdays 10 P.M.

We Must Clean out our stock of Winter Goods Now is your opportunity to buy warm things for winter wear without profit to us. Cold weather is here again: don’t go half clad when you can buy what you need at and below cost. Drop in and test this statement.

Overcoats; Winter Suits; Pants; Flannel and Fleece lined; Jackets; Gloves (Goods, Mitts, Caps and overshoes).

All must go at prices that will sell them.

Ad two: New Spring Goods The latest fabrics for spring 1906 are arriving daily. The colors and quality surpass those of last season.

New Dress Ginghams… 10c, 12 1-2c 15c New Percales…10c and 12 1-2c New Calicos…6c and 7c New Plaids for Children’s wear…7c, 10c, and 15c The very best assortment of fabrics for ladies shirt waist suits shown in the city.

Brochee Novelty, Pampour, Toile-de-Asaka, Persianette, Careaux-de-Soie, Grenadines, Vicereines Silks, Emb Gauze, Danish cloth, etc.

Prices 15c, 25c, 35c, 40c & 50c We would advise those who will have to buy muslins, crashes and table linens to buy them now as we have them here at the old prices. Al goods that we buy now cost a great deal more as the prices on raw materials is (are) high.

MEYER & JOHNS Store closes at 6:00 o’clock except Saturday Nights.

STRICTLY CASH AND ONE PRICE Cannon Falls 157 Years Ago THE HASTINGS CONSERVER February 9, 1864 ASH WEDNESDAY.— Tomorrow is the first day of Lent, and the usual service will be held in St. Luke’s Church at 10 ½ A. M. Daily morning prayer during Lent at 9 o’clock.

POOR FARM.—The initiatory steps were taken by the board of county commissioners, at their last session, to purchase poor farm—not a poor FARM, but a POOR farm. They want a good farm to support poor people. The earlier this is done, the better. The poor of the county, must be provided for, their poverty is frequently their misfortune, without being their fault…Money invested in land in this county, cannot be a bad investment; and if a farm of 621 acres is bought, and judiciously managed, it will be but a short time before our poor will be able to pay their own way, a thing they greatly prefer, to being indebted to the county.— Red Wing Volunteer.

SCHOOL FUND.—The annual apportionment of the school money for Dakota County is $1,720.80. There are 3,824 persons in the county between the ages of five and twenty-one years.