By Bea Westerberg
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Plans are made to be changed



“Always have a plan, but be prepared to change at any given moment.” -Glen Rambharack It appears that Mother Nature is having a big hand in making changes for us this Christmas season. Daughter Nissa’s flight plans (from Washington D.C.) got canceled due to the weather here in Minnesota. She was also uncertain of what kind of car she would be able to rent from the airport once she got here. This would be only the second Christmas she has not been home for Christmas but it was good not to have all the mother stress of worrying about all the details of her getting home in the snow storm. But it still was a big disappointment for both of us.

Last winter I was able to get around just fine with the 2 wheel drive truck but this winter is a whole different ball game or maybe truck in the snow bank game, would be a better description. I have a new snow removal person this year and he is not familiar with the layout of the driveway and plows different than others have. I ended up off road right at the end of my driveway going up to the house and that created a mess for future snow plowing. I moved the truck as much as I could down to flat land and hoped I could just drive out. No go! The snowstorm continued for another day and then I called AAA to get pulled out and back on the driveway.

To make that long story short, they sent a big flat bed with a driver than did not really want to get near the trees that were on one side of the driveway so he ended up super stuck as he got off the driveway and onto the lawn area on the other side. I had explained the whole story of my driveway to AAA and that they needed to send a wrecker type truck but they probably thought what did I know? Then this driver says he can’t do anything and he probably will have to call someone to get him out. He tells me to call AAA back and tell them to send a 4 wheel drive wrecker type truck because I have a narrow driveway and just need to be pulled off the lawn and back on the driveway and did not need to be put on a flat bed. Ah, I did know what I was talking about! The AAA people called me back and said because the truck got stuck I would have to get the road plowed better, sanded and possibly the trees removed so it would be safe for another truck to come and they will not be sending anyone until those requirements were met. AAA was supposed to be my safety net and now my net had a BIG hole in it. On to Plan C we go and I check the local listing to find a towing and RECOVERY place thinking recovery places must have equipment for areas that get tricky and I would pay for it on my own. Since there was a big back up from the storm, I had to wait another day but Suburban Towing and Recovery sent out the right truck with a great driver who had a plan in place to get me out and gave me clear directions on how to help him. It was slow and gentle but soon the truck was out of the snowbank and back on the driveway. Mike, the driver, gave me a wonderful compliment and said that I was one of very few customers that listened to directions, knew which way was right and left, and knew how to put the vehicle in neutral or park upon direction. I hope I gave him a big enough tip to show my appreciation.

Since Christmas plans got all totally messed up, I had to write this article early so I will have to wait to tell you about Christmas delights. My sister or my niece are coming to pick me up on Christmas Eve day and the dog will go with us and the cat will go to Rio Gran. My pickup people have all wheel drive vehicles so they will be able to get up my driveway even if the new plowman does not get to it after the latest storm.

December 28, 2022