The Rise Up Recovery Center is headquartered at 507 Vermillion Street in Hastings. Photo by Bruce Karnick
Rise Up Recovery to host banquet

Rise Up Recovery is hosting a banquet on November 17 at 6:30 p.m. at Almquist Farms. Tickets are available for $25 at the door. Dinner will be provided by Meatheads, and there will be a silent auction. There will be a live program where you will meet the founders of Rise Up Recovery, learn more about the important work that has been happening throughout this past year, and how Rise Up Recovery addresses the gaps in substance use disorder recovery in our community and is helping to save lives. Come for an evening of inspiration and hope as you witness transformation and healing through recovery.

Rise Up Recovery is a blossoming servicebased organization in Hastings located at 507 Vermillion Street. They are a community organization serving Hastings, Dakota County and the surrounding areas providing peer recovery support services, recovery housing, advocacy and community education with a belief in and value of all pathways to recovery.

The founding couple, Tiffany and Chad Neuharth, recognized gaps in the community’s recovery system and started out with a goal of supplementing the system to fill the gaps. They have been working in Hastings for a few years now and thanks to a generous donation from Dean Markuson, they have had a permanent office location on Vermillion Street for some time. That space is looking to expand thanks to the fundraising efforts of the team. The plan is to add two classrooms and a common room in the basement.

Rise Up was also recently a recipient of a grant to help acquire additional staff which will also allow them to expand their programming.

“This grant is for a period of three years, with a possible two-year extension,” explained Neuharth. “The two-year extension is completely based on the funding that they get. It's probably a pretty good chance that we get the extension, we will see. But some things in the works are, the mental health piece, bigger push for youth, peer support services, working with the youth. We're going to start a monthly bingo, recovery bingo to be super fun, tons of prizes. And then we're going to do an art group every week, a therapeutic art. Anybody can stop by. We're going to start with diamond painting. And we have all the diamond painting kits that were donated and so which is great because those things were kind of spent either like 15 to 25 bucks.”

With the grant, they expect to start much of the new programming soon. Keep an eye on for updates.

November 16, 2022