Several pounds of marijuana, mushrooms found in Hastings arrests

Staff report

An Aug. 19 search warrant executed at a Hastings residence resulted in criminal charges against two residents.

Rachel Elizabeth Feider, 38, and Brandon Lee Hall, 33, both were charged with felony counts of sale of marijuana and possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms stemming from the Aug. 19 incident.

According to the Statement of Probable Cause in the complaint filed Sept. 1, the Dakota County Drug Task Force “executed a knock and announce search warrant” on the apartment residence occupied by Feider and Lee at 1936 Eddy St.

Discovered in the search were multiple bags of “a green leafy substance” in the master bedroom closet and in the bedroom, as well as mushrooms in a dresser drawer and in a safe under the bed, edibles behind the bed and in an upstairs closet and another bag containing a leafy substance in the garage. Also found were a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard revolver in a safe, $8,000 in cash in a safe and drug paraphernalia.

The leafy substance tested positive as marijuana and its total weight was 6,048.5 grams. There were 62.43 grams of mushrooms that tested positive for psilocybin. Hall allegedly admitted to selling marijuana to the task force but didn’t know about any other drugs, the gun or the money. Feider told police there were “several pounds of marijuana and some mushrooms in the house,” the complaint states, but she denied ownership of the gun and the money.

A court summons was issued, and a hearing will be scheduled in the matter.

September 28, 2022