A Look Back

Coming in the week of September 17 some 30 years back, Dana Ries and Neil Wekert were student ambassadors to Russia. Both eighth graders at Hastings Middle School, they were two of nine from the State of Minnesota who participated in the People to People ambassador program meant to bring “greater understanding of people throughout the world.”

At the Great Minnesota Get Together, the winners from Hastings were many, including first place to ninth grader Amy Gergen in mechanical drafting – beginning, another first place to Scott Mamer in mechanical drafting – advanced, and the following in offset 1-color multi-color: Grades 10 and 11: First place to Tim Christenson, second place to Wayne Trone, third place to Chris Schildt, fourth place to Marie Schneider, and fifth place to Ryan Jahnke.

In weather news, a total of 4.8 inches of rain fall in the Hastings area, causing problems for the Fire, Street, and Water departments Serenity House plans walk for Chemical Awareness. Obituaries Jerome J. Lucius 1921 – 1992 Ruby Kehn 1910 – 1992 Accidents Damage was estimated to exceed $500 in three accidents the week of September 17, 1992, while totaling less than this in one, for four total.

Of those exceeding $500 in damage, the first involved a driver striking the left rear corner of another car while backing out, causing the car that was struck to roll 50 feet and rest on the curb. The struck car was legally parked.

In the second to exceed $500 damage, two cars collided at the front entrance to the Hastings Country Club as one was entering, the other not specified as to direction.

In the third to exceed $500 damage for the week of September 17, a car was rear ended by another while traveling eastbound on Highway 55 at Vermillion Street.

In the fourth and final accident, a legally parked car was struck on the driver side door by another that was backing out. People Nolan B. Johnson, a senior at Hastings High School, is named a semi-finalist in the 1993 National Merit Scholarship Program. Johnson planned to major in computer science.

Mrs. Regina S., a 28-year-old Hastings housewife, is convicted of first-degree murder by a jury in 11 hours, the sentence being life at the Women’s State Reformatory at Shakopee. She faints upon hearing the sentence, the defense having relied on an argument of self-defense, with the prosecution introducing a signed statement in which she had seemingly admitted to shooting her husband in his sleep, with said husband claimed as “a man of violence” by the defense.

Two results answer to the last name at Find A Grave, one at Hastings and the other at New Trier, the listed names ostensibly born the same day and dying eight days apart, in the early 1990s.

Her husband is listed at Find A Grave as being buried in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Cemetery.

Countryside: Charlie Johnson sells his farm at public auction, due to “being located in the Government Project” Territorial Dispatch 165 years ago THE DAKOTA JOURNAL Published at Hastings, Minnesota Territory Volume 2, Number September 12, 1857 FRESH LIME JUST BURNED!

Manufactured at Nininger City, three miles from Hastings. FIRST QUALITY, which lime is suitable for Plastering, constantly on hand, and for sale by Walter H. Moury, Nininger City IMPORTANT TO THE CITIZEN OF HASTINGS and those of the Surrounding Country.

Wm. Stine & Brothers, hereby inform the public in general, that they have just opened a great variety of the best of Ready Made Clothing….As it is late in the season, we have concluded to sell our stock off at NEW YORK COST in order to make ourselves ready and be in time for the summer trade (this was when the river formed the main highway). All those who want a good suit of clothes for a little money are requested to call at the Store of Wm. Stine & Bro.

Also 165 years ago THE EMIGRANT AID AND JOURNAL City of Nininger, Dakota County, Minnesota Territory, September 12, 1857 The Constitution of the State of Minnesota Adopted in Convention, Friday, August 28, 1857 Preamble WE, the people of the State of Minnesota, grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings, and secure the same to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution: Article First – Bill of Rights Article Second – On Name and Boundaries Article Third – Distribution of the Powers of Government Article Fourth – Legislative Department Article Fifth – Executive Department Article Sixth – Judicial Department Article Seventh – Elective Franchise Article Eighth – School Funds, Education, and Science Article Ninth – Finances of the State, and Banks, and Banking Article Tenth – Of Corporations Having No Banking Privileges Article Eleventh – Counties and Townships Article Twelfth – Of the Militia Article Thirteenth – Impeachment and Removal from Office Article Fourteenth – Amendments to the Constitution Article Fifteenth – Miscellaneous Subjects Article Sixteenth – Schedule (transitioning from Territory to State and the details thereof) The State Constitution We resign a large portion of our paper, this week, to the State Constitution. We trust it will be regarded by our readers with that interest which such a document deserves, It was adopted by both branches of the divided Constitutional Convention; signed by the President and Members of each body; and is now submitted to the people for their ratification. After thus agreeing to adopt the same Constitution, the two Conventions adjourned on Saturday, the 3rd inst.

Take it altogether, the Constitution is a very fair document, and there is not likely to be any opposition shown to it when the election comes off, which takes place on the second Tuesday of October, notwithstanding many of its provisions will not be relished.

September 17, 1992

80 years ago

April 3, 1942

September 21, 2022