Members of the choir perform the Star Spangled Banner after the opening comments of the graduation ceremony.


A photo story by Bruce Karnick

Athletic Director and temporary Assistant Principal Trent Hanson did an excellent job reading all 355 student names as they walked across the stage to receive their high school diploma. The reading of the names took approximately 25 minutes.

In a touching moment, Principal Scott Doran asked the Class of 2022’s military members to stand so that they could be honored for their soon to be service. Doran then asked all audience members who served to join them so they too could be recognized and so the students could see how many served before them.

With Director Lisa Hedin, Superintendent Dr. Robert McDowell and School Board Director Brian Davis and the rest of the school board behind him. PrincipalScottDoransaid,“I’vebeenwaitingmywholecareertogettosaythese nextwordsandIcouldn’tthinkofabettergroupofstudentstosharethiswith.So, Superintendent McDowell, members of the Board of Education, the Class of 2022 has met the requirements that have been set forth by you and the state of Minnesota. To Brian Davis, Chair of the Board of Education of District 200. I proudly present the Class of 2022.”

Above Top: Fernando Gonzalez Castello gives an entertaining and heartfelt welcome speech to the Class of 2022 and a packed Todd Field crowd. Above Middle: Kristina Cahill reminded the audience of the connections made and thanked all the adults that supported the class. She also touched on overcoming fear and all that the class of 2022 overcame. Above Bottom: Charlee Simacek spoke of the support and connections the students have with each other. The importance of the community that the students have built and how they have grown from everything they experienced.

The high school works hard to include everyone that wants to be part of the graduation ceremony. Here a sign language interpreter provides live translations of the speeches heard at the ceremony for guests that need the assistance.

June 15, 2022