The walk of life

Posted 7/6/22

OUTDOOR Adventures By Brian G. Schommer A lot can be said about taking time for a daily walk. If the physical health benefits are not enough motivation, adding in the mental and emotional aspects …

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The walk of life


OUTDOOR Adventures

By Brian G. Schommer

A lot can be said about taking time for a daily walk. If the physical health benefits are not enough motivation, adding in the mental and emotional aspects certainly should up the ante. Taking a little “me time” is something that we know is important. Making that time is what is difficult because we all have “things” in our lives that sometimes makes it hard to schedule time for ourselves. Add the conflicting “life rules” that most of us were raised with and you have a real quandary. What “life rules” you ask? Glad you asked because that gives me at least another paragraph of rambling to write.

Have you ever been told “before you do anything else, take time for yourself,” or a comment like this? I am confident that most have been told this and have also said this to others. That confidence is equal to my belief that you have been told and told others, “Think of others before yourself.” These words of wisdom and guidance taken literally will create opposite action plans which could put your life into a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a particular situation, which is almost verbatim the definition of a quandary from the dictionary. Often in our lives, two completely different, and to the point of contradictory statements can also be true. This is one of those cases and if you look at the way your physical, mental, and emotional health effects not only yourself personally, but also the lives of others, then taking a daily walk certainly covers both “rules.” Quandary averted.

When taking a walk, are you a “I walk alone” type or “I walk with someone or something?” Now, that something is usually a fourlegged fur pal for most people and those same people might argue that they are not a something, but that they are indeed another someone who is a member of the family. I am one of those people but I have a word limit so we can cross that bridge another time. When I go for my walk, I prefer to be with another human being as I enjoy conversing and there is never a need to do a poop pickup with a human. “Sadie the Wonder Dog” is certainly a viable option when a human is not available. I have often wondered about those walking alone with their headset on. What does their music playlist look like?

I bet they have songs like “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina & The Waves, “I Walk the Line,” by Johnny Cash and “I Walk a Little Faster,” by Tony Bennett playing on a continuous loop. That would be great motivation and a nice variety of genres as well. I would have to put “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was) on there because sometimes I feel a bit prehistoric as the days of life move forward. I see a few “walk alone” types who are wearing a cellphone earpiece. My guess is they are “working” while they are working out which is quite efficient. Technology, combined with changes in the workplace allowing for more employees to work remote opens the door to complete tasks required by the employer and to take time for yourself. Barring any physical impairments that make you unable to walk, a daily walk is something that might be worth considering.

Are you a walk the same path, day in and day out type, or do you prefer different routes because variety is the spice of life? Personally, I am a same and consistent path type when it comes to walking, although, I do like to have a couple different “set courses” to take in case the need for variety or change feels necessary. Having a solid plan in front of me and having options in case those plans do not fit the day not only can be said for my daily walk, but how I “walk” through the course of life each day. As a matter of speaking, we are all taking a daily walk when it comes to our lives. Some of us have well planned routes in life while others tend to take it like it comes. Crocodile Dundee would say these folks are on a walkabout. Some folks prefer to walk with others and others prefer to walk alone. Sometimes when you are walking alone, you wish you were walking with someone else and of course, vice versa. In life, there are plenty of times we must pick up others… well, you know. Sometimes, we need to just worry about our own… again, you know… and pick up our own as well because it is not nice to leave it lay in someone else’s yard.

Now that you are thinking all philosophically and such, I encourage you to take some time in the next few hours and go for a walk. Literally, put on your best walking shoes and go take a walk. Take in those deep breaths of fresh air and exhale with gusto. Raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care and recharge. Look around at all the beauty that exists and enjoy life for a bit. You don’t have to walk far… just a little to take some time for yourself. If you are a walk with someone else and there is nobody else around, Sadie the Wonder Dog is available for walks. Now “Get Out and Enjoy the Great Outdoors.”