Spring Jottings…

Posted 4/20/22

By Brian G. Schommer Unpredictable weather in our neck of the woods at this time of year is pretty much the norm. None of us should be surprised, and I for one am not amused. Do you agree? This …

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Spring Jottings…


By Brian G. Schommer

Unpredictable weather in our neck of the woods at this time of year is pretty much the norm. None of us should be surprised, and I for one am not amused. Do you agree? This column is going to be a bit like the weather with a little bit of this and a little bit of that scattered about. The only difference between the weather and these jottings is that the column will be a bit amusing… hopefully.

For the sixth season in a row, I attended the home opener of the St. Paul Saints with my son, Brett. It the first time a Saints game was played at home in April. Nobody could have predicted that it would be a rainy, cold, and windy evening with potential severe storms in the area. By nobody, I mean just about anyone who has lived in Minnesconsin for more than a year. The game was called after five innings and as we walked to the car with our journey brightened by periodic flashes of lighting, Brett says, “this is one for the memory file. I sure won’t forget this game.” Even though I am still waiting for my fingers to thaw out; it was worth it. Making great memories is always worth it, even if the home team lost.

If you are the type of person who loves to be part of making a positive impact on others, Hastings Rivertown Fishing, a program offered by the Hastings Area Rotary Club serving area senior citizens, veterans, and those with disabilities might be for you. The local Rotarians are looking for volunteers to serve as boat captains and crew members. The club provides the pontoon, equipment, bait, training, and the excursions run Monday through Thursday, two times daily. For more information about this program and others offered by the Hastings Area Rotary Club, go to www.HastingsMNRotary.com. Information about Hastings Rivertown Fishing can be attained by emailing [email protected]

Speaking of fishing, I have had a couple faithful readers ask if I will be writing any fishing focused columns soon and the answer is… yes. The plan is to get out to wet the line a lot more and chase some of the area aquatic dwellers within their natural habitats. Not only that, but an excursion that has been awhile in the making to chase CARP with a bow and arrow is on the horizon which I think will make for quite the story. It is something that I have never done and thanks to a good friend and local bowfishing guide, I will be able to check it off my bucket list. Hopefully, I will be able to share a success story and if nothing else, provide some literary chuckles to the faithful readers of “Outdoor Adventures.”

There have been some golfer sightings at a few local links and one day a week or so ago, I heard my clubs calling out to me. I was getting close to answering the call and trying to squeeze in a round but then I realized what the sticks in the bag were saying is, “dude, it is too damn cold to be outside and frustrated this early in the year.” Like many other duffers, I admit I do not always listen to my clubs but this time, I did. I am sure there will be plenty of warmer days ahead that while I will still be frustrated by my slice, inability to putt even from a short distance and lack of distance off the tee, at least I will be warm. Maybe I should start to listen when they are telling me to go up another club, or two… or three. Hell, maybe I will just take a driver and putt with that. All kidding aside, 2022 will be like all years past. I hope and plan to get out golfing more. Whether that happens or not, who knows?

To cap off this week’s mish-mashed, hodge-podge of scattered literary babble, I would like to issue a small challenge to everyone who have stayed on course to make it this far in the column. There are a lot of “Spring Clean Up” efforts taking place in all of the communities too which “Outdoor Adventures” reaches. If you can pitch in, please do it. The old saying is that “many hands make light the work.” If you are wondering what opportunities exist where you can be of service to your community, just pick up the phone and call your local Parks Department. They will have the resources to get you all lined up and on track to help make our little neck of the woods a bit nicer so that all can “Get Out and Enjoy the Great Outdoors.”