Almost 20 Years Ago ….

Posted 1/6/21

Almost 20 Years Ago HASTINGS STAR-GAZETTE January 11, 2001 Sports: (photo) Jake Johnson sets school (wrestling) record for career pins. Adoption: (photo) ABE teacher adopts Russian twins. Avalanche: …

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Almost 20 Years Ago ….


Almost 20 Years Ago HASTINGS STAR-GAZETTE January 11, 2001 Sports: (photo) Jake Johnson sets school (wrestling) record for career pins.

Adoption: (photo) ABE teacher adopts Russian twins.

Avalanche: (photo by Randy Roberts) The snow became too heavy for the storefront awning at 5th Avenue Color Company Wednesday afternoon. No one was hurt as a result of the awning collapse. The building was closed at the time.

The classified of the week: “Willing to care for elderly. 20 years of experience. Dorothy, 437-****. Leave message. More on pages 15A-18A.

Rectangle insert: “ Love is a memory that never fades. (photo) Erin Riley Colins, Aug. 7, 1972-Jan. 15, 1995. Loved & Missed. (List of family and friends follows).

Weddings: Bridgit Schwieger to Todd Oakes Engagements: M. Jason Ohler to Alissa Archer, both of St. Paul; Heather Renee McClintock to Shane Christopher Devine.

Anniversaries: Al and Joan Lundberg of Hastings, married Jan. 4, 1951 at Augustana Lutheran Church in Arco, Minn.

Births: Jake Ryan Hall on Dec. 10, 2000 to Al and Stacy Hall of Napa, California.

Almost 40 Years Ago HASTINGS STAR-GAZETTE January 15, 1981 Volume 12/Number 9 Six apply for council vacancy By AL SHAFFER, staff writer Six 4th Ward residents have applied for the Hastings City Council seat vacated last week when councilwoman and Mayor-elect Lu Stoffel stepped down from the council post she held for two years to become the new mayor of Hastings.

Among the first proposals Stoffel introduced after assuming office Jan. 5 were the appointments of council members Fred Trautmann, Richard Pike, Bob Kulzer, Tom Trutna and Andy Klimek to the City Council’s Administrative Committee. She suggested that this group should be responsible for making recommendations about who will fill her vacated City Council seat… (story continues).

$6 million!

Estimates are in on criminal justice improvements by Judy Hemp, staff writer A $6 million price tag is what Dakota County can expect to pay to upgrade its jail, court and juvenile facilities to meet the county’s needs for the next 20 years.

That was the finding of the Dakota County Criminal- Justice Task Force Tuesday as they started down the home stretch toward a Feb. 15 deadline for recommending improvements to the Dakota County Board… (full story catalogued at City Hall Pioneer Room).

49 Years Ago HASTINGS GAZETTE February 4, 1971 Blizzard Hits This Area A Quick Blow, Friday, January 29 (photo of downtown) WHAT APPEARS to be merely a gray picture is really caused by the violent blizzard which swept through Hastings Friday afternoon, practically halting traffic outside the city, and curtailing the school day here at 2:00 p.m. in order to allow the buses to make their journeys before snow piled up too heavily. Gusts up to 50 miles or more were not uncommon. One man got out of his car and his hat was whipped off his head and was in the next county in only a few moments, he thought. He secured some strips of clothing to wrap around his head, and started on. Three hours later, the flash blizzard had subsided and traffic was resumed. A notice to clean streets is left center and a trash barrel is in the foreground.

‘Tom’ Griebling Joins Local Police Force (photo of Tomas Griebling, Police Officer) The Hastings Police Department augmented its force with the bringing of J. Tomas Griebling, 29, on February 1st.

A life-long resident of Mason City, Iowa, he was a member of their 35-man Police force for almost six years, has had training and experience in traffic control, accident investigation, criminal scene investigation, juvenile violators, criminal investigation, court and trial testimony and other police- related matters.

He was in the Air Force four years, three of which were spent in overseas duty, in Germany.

Officer Griebling, who prefers to be called “Tom,” lives with his wife Linda and year-old son Christopher, (in Hastings).

New Methods of Combatting Drug Use Told To K-Club Here The Hastings Kiwanis club welcomed the representatives three in number, of a developing anti-drug group or society, called the “Smart Set” in which students are enrolling, showing their determination to not only refrain from foolish experiments, but ready to help others do likewise.

The three appearing at the Kiwanis dinner Tuesday night were Mark Hallberg, Paul Begich, and their faculty advisor, Miss Carol Johnson, teacher of English at the senior high school. The group presented slides on two screens of circumstances designed to educate whoever sees the message.

Mark and Miss Johnson both gave short talks explaining how they recruit those whom they are able to contact on the subject of avoiding the snare of experiments.

Several questions were asked by the Kiwanians on phases of the methods. One question came from Ed Fischer asking if it is not possible to over-emphasize the drug abuse campaigns. He said he came from Brooklyn, New York, and that in the ghettos the use of drugs was commonplace, but in the better homes and middle class homes, it was not even a topic for conversation.

Several other Kiwanians appeared to feel the same way, saying it was possible that a few addicts were making use of curiosity on the part of their victims to try something for themselves.

Last week at the Kiwanis club, two men also devoted to the betterment of youth spoke on the value of substituting worthwhile objectives before the young people, such as accepting Christ into their lives and doing good in His kingdom.

The two men were Leigh Nelson of Welch and Dennis White of Hastings. The name of their association is “Young Life,” and as in the Smart Set above were making notable consideration in bringing out hidden values in life itself.

56 Years Ago HASTINGS GAZETTE November 19, 1964 Ends 43 ½ years of Postal Service (photo) Leo Matsch hasn’t been late to work once in his 43 ½ years with the Hastings Post Office, to the best of his recollection. But in the early years especially, he was often late in getting home from work.

His first 20 years he was a rural mail carrier, and “There wasn’t even a graded road between here and St. Paul in those days,” he recalls. All roads hereabouts were dirt—or often mud— and all transportation horsedrawn back in 1921.

114 Years Ago CANNON FALLS BEACON Correspondence Locals WASTEDO (too late for last week) Robert Johnson transacted business in Kenyon Friday.

Hjalmar Bergren left for St. Paul last week to attend the state Agricultural school.

Mr. Alfred Johnson and Miss Esther Magnuson departed for Chicago, Ill., last Friday. The latter will spend the winter there.

DENNISON Miss Belle Midje of Minneapolis was a guest last week at the home of Mrs. Ole Almen.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tracy are the happy parents of a baby girl, born Nov. 12th.

Miss Delia Bresnahan of Stanton has been a visitor the past two weeks with Mrs. Ed Tracy.

The Prophet at Home.

The papers are saying a good deal about Cole not being able to carry his home town. Johnson is our man personally, but we admire Cole for it, if he cannot carry his own town. McKinley did not carry Canton. No man of a positive character can carry a community of little souled men tilled with spite and jealousy; a community where petty fraud and graft must be winked at as the price of popularity.



January 4, 1901

Motto: “Independent and

Impartial.” Old Property records TOWN of Cottage Grove Louis Hoffman: Section 1, Township 27, B(?) 21, Number of Acres 4 Pullman’s Addition to St. Paul Park (Town of Cottage Grove) Allen F. Isbell (or Isbelt): Lots 1 thru 15 in Block 6 Adolph Bremer: Lots 4 thru 11 in Block 12; also lots 16 thru 18 in Block 12 Louis J. Miss (or Miss Louis J.): Lot 14 in Block 12 Geo F. Shugard: Lot 15 in Block 12 VILLAGE of Langdon John Daly?: Lots 1 thru 6 in block 9 and lots 1 thru four in Block 10. Langdon was located on present Highway 10/61 in the southeast corner of section 21 of the Town of Cottage Grove, while old Cottage Grove as it then existed for close streets was located in and around the Old Cottage Grove Community Park.

157 Years Ago THE HASTINGS CONSERVER November 17, 1863 Correspondence Editor Conserver: The undersigned, judges and clerks of election in the election district comprising the 1st and 2nd wards of the city of Hastings, having read the article in your paper under the heading “Copperhead Justice,” feeling that it reflects severely and unjustly upon members of the board, and contains statements untrue in fact, ask that you will, as a simple act of justice to the board, correct the erroneous impression of your readers by publishing the following statements: It is untrue that any member of the board insisted or even requested that any of the soldier’s votes should be thrown out or rejected.