A differing stance to Hudella


To the Editor:

I read Representative Shane Hudella’s Legislative Update (January 26). I agree with one point in his piece. If abortion clinics are neither licensed nor regulated, they should be. So should the crisis pregnancy centers. If you’re providing medical or counseling services, you should be licensed. Where I differ, is my stance on abortion. Who really wants to have an abortion? Usually, there’s societal pressure or necessity, to have one. If he doesn’t want abortions allowed, he should support funding for early child development programs. We need to make it more socially acceptable to carry a baby to term. We also need to more aggressively enforce rape and incest laws. Abortion is the term for a medical procedure that isn’t limited to removing an unwanted baby. If you’re 7 months along and the baby dies in utero, you’ll potentially undergo a late term abortion.

As far as any of the other budget measures go, I believe that the return on investment should be considered for each proposal. If all children having access to school lunches (without stigma) will help them focus more easily, so they can become productive members of society rather than a criminal drag on society, I’m all for it. A person who’s decently employed will generate more revenue for the state than someone who’s incarcerated. When is it more cost effective to deal with a problem? At the root or the branches? I’m personally tired of paying my taxes to support racist agendas, like profiling and jailing minorities for extended periods over minor infractions. Once you’re incarcerated, the chance to succeed diminishes rapidly. Ignorance, Intolerance, Inequality, and Indifference CO$T US ALL.

Rochelle McDonald Hastings