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A Look Back

30 years ago January 14, 1993

Contained in a story by Jane Lightbourn, paper carrier Janet Pallack had been able to alert the Delbert Lindsey family to a fire and help them get out safely, while the family dining room and its contents were badly damaged by smoke. The fire was thought to have started the night before from a cigarette left burning on the table, which then burned the table decorations as well.

“It just smoldered and smoldered, and smoldered, and then dripped onto the chairs,” assistant fire chief Rick Kleis told the Gazette. Although a smoke detector was in the hallway by the bedrooms, it was not working at the time. Thanks to Pallack and her actions, the family made it out the back door safely.

55 years ago


January 11, 1968 Opening the week of Jan. 11 with news of an upcoming week of prayer for Christian Unity Jan. 18 to Jan. 24, the event put on by six local churches would includes a series of evening services throughout the week.

As to council and transportation news, a second taxi company was potentially coming to the city, pending


January 4, 1968 The last member of an early Hastings pioneer family is killed when struck by a car as he crosses the street. Augustine V. Gardner, age 87, was the grandson of General William LeDuc, who built the LeDuc mansion in Hastings.

80 years ago THE HASTINGS GAZETTE January 8, 1943 Coming in for war news some 80 years ago, a liquor raid had uncovered 68 unregistered and thus “hidden” tires at the farm of a neighbor named Charles Gibbs, after authorities raided a White City beer tavern and service station owned by Peter Gitzen in Inver Grove township, also finding 14

in that city.

104 years ago THE HASTINGS GAZETTE January 12, 1918 A Competent Witness.

In This Case Action Was Much More Eloquent Than Words.

Judge Pollard of St. Louis, originator of a widely known probation system, is the subject of a story illustrating his novel method of dealing with troublesome cases. A driver

City and County affairs: Local jottings.

Look out for horse thieves.

Nearly ten hours of daylight now.

They have baseball on skates in Minneapolis now.

Territorial Dispatch… 164 years ago HASTINGS INDEPENDENT August 6, 1857 The Charter of the City of Hastings (continued from last week) Chapter II Section 1. The annual election of city officers shall be held on the second Tuesday of May of each year at such places within each Ward as the City Council shall designate, and the polls shall be kept open from 10 o’clock a.m. till four, p.m. and 10 days previous notice shall be given by the City Council of the time and place of holding such elections, and the officers to be elected, by posting notice thereof in three of the most public places in the city, and by publishing the same in at least one of the papers published in the city.

Section 2. The elective officers of the city shall be a Mayor, Recorder, and City Justice, and two Councilmen from each Ward, who shall

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