Mayor announces committee appointments


Hastings Mayor Mary Fasbender presented the City Council with its committee appointments for 2023-24.

Mayor Mary Fasbender was sworn into office for her second year at the helm of the council, and new Councilmembers Angie Haus and Dave Pemble took their oath of office and seat at the council dais.

Jen Fox was appointed as acting mayor in Fasbender’s absence. The full council includes Fox, Haus, Pemble, Lisa Leifeld, Trevor Lund and Tina Folch.

Committee members are (chair listed first): Administrative Committee – Leifeld, Haus and Pemble.

Finance Committee – Folch, Fox and Leifeld.

Historic Preservation Committee –

Leifeld, Haus and Pemble.

Parks and Recreation Committee –

Folch, Lund and Pemble.

Planning Committee – Fox, Folch and Leifeld.

Public Safety Committee – Fox, Haus and Leifeld.

Operations Committee – Lund, Haus and Pemble.

Utilities Committee – Lund, Folch and Leifeld.

Red/Rock/Great River Rail Commission – Pemble.

Tourism – Lund. Dakota County 911 – Fox with Fasbender as alternate.

Dakota Broadband Board – Folch with Lund as alternate.

Hastings Economic Development and Redevelopment Authority – Fox and Pemble.

January 4, 2023