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Cold enough for ya?

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Cold enough for ya? Based on conversations with others over the holidays, it is more than cold enough for most of us. This is Minnesconsin people. We are not of the meek and mild variety here, we are tough, and resilient warriors of the cold. We don’t let a few days of subzero temperatures keep us down. Windchills of negative 40, ha, we laugh in the face of 40 below. Okay, enough of the pep talk, it has been pretty darn cold but if the weather folks are correct, we have a warmup in store which some may want to take a break from being cramped up indoors to get out and about. If only to re-turn a few Christmas gifts that did not quite fit right, were maybe not your color, or for whatever other reasons they need to go back, it is time to get out and about.
If the warmup happens and you are into hiking, we double dog dare ya to stare the winter temps straight in the face and check out Washington County Ravine Regional Park for a lit-tle winter hiking. This 515-acre wonder offers a lot to see and if a jaunt through the woods during the winter is simply not for you, add it to your bucket list. If returning a gift to Menards in Cottage Grove, you are just a hop, skip, and jump away. If the return to Menards is in the cards but an outdoor hike is not, another option while in the area is a stop at Target. Remember, there used to be one in Hastings and people, in-cluding yourself maybe, lost their ever-loving mind when it closed. Maybe it was the coffee crowd who were bummed that Starbucks would no longer be there to quench their coffee needs. Whatever the reasons, a simple 8.4 mile trek gets you to Target and Starbucks, plus a plethora of other businesses that just might have not only what you need, but a few things you want.
If you need to return a gift at the building formerly known as Target in Hastings, well you are in luck because Fleet Farm for some is just about as close to heaven on earth as any big box store around. If you are out that way and have pets, you should check out Fluegel’s Lawn, Garden and Pet Supply. If you are looking for great customer service, an incredibly knowledgeable staff, and top of the line products, stop into 1278 North Frontage Road. From questions on how to get your favorite four-legged family member to stop shedding to a lawn care program that is best for your yard, this is the place to go.
If you are happy with all your gifts and there is no need to return anything, getting out and about still can be on your agenda. Did you get any gift cards this year? Those little plastic presents provide not only the chance to get out and about to buy yourself something that you really want, but they also help the businesses as while you may have a $25 card burning a hole in your pocket, that item or items you want to buy will ring out at the register at a cool $200 plus. It’s all good. Get-ting out and about not only helps you get what you want, it helps boost the local economy and during the apparent warmup at hand, you can also take in some sunshine which is healthy.
Our area high school sports teams are participating in numerous holiday tournaments during the next couple of weeks. If you have a little time off during the holidays, it just might be worth typing your school and favorite sport in the old Google or Yahoo search engine. Most of these kids are not going to be landing D1 scholarships, or for that matter D2 or D3. Most of these kids, with the name of the town you live in across their chests, are playing for the love of the game. Be it hockey, wrestling, basketball, swimming, or any other high school activity (not just sports), getting out and about for you might just include putting a little support out there for the kids by sitting in the stands, bleachers, or auditorium and applauding their efforts. The holiday season is about spreading joy and happiness… maybe while out and about, this is something that can be fit into your schedule.
Always seeking scoops on those businesses and organizations that have things others might want to check out while out and about. If you know of any upcoming events or activities coming up soon, please let us know about it by emailing [email protected]’s help each other create a plan to get “Out and About.”

December 28, 2022