ReDO fitness is located in the lower level of the Shepard of the Valley Church located at 1450 West Fourth St. Hastings. Learn more at Photo by Bruce Karnick
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ReDO fitness facing challenges Hastings community can help!

ReDO fitness is located in the bottom level of Shepard of the Valley Lutheran Church at 1450 West Fourth St. in Hastings and they are facing challenges. The gym itself is falling behind on income because it is a donation-based, pay what you can, when you can facility instead of a true membership-based gym. This is because the church is the primary portion of the business model. It is a church with a fitness center companion. This model keeps it as a nonprofit 501c3 organization and furthers the churches community-based missional ministry.

According to their website, “ReDO combines an upperend fitness center and a contemporary missional church model into a ‘Church with Muscle’. Together the result is one of second chances.”

ReDO in Hastings is owned by a man that simply goes by Pastor Chad. Pastor Chad and his family experienced their own setback this past summer when their detached garage and attached garage both caught fire, damaging most of the house. The house has still not been rebuilt, but he has not lost his faith and he still keeps pushing through to keep ReDO going for the community to utilize.

“Thank you for the love and support for the Mission of ReDO fitness,” said Pastor Chad in an email to the Journal. “We are improving ‘Mind-Body-Soul,’ connecting people with authentic friendships. Because of love and the common good, thousands of people have found hope. Please keep us in your thoughts and encourage folks to help by sharing our story.”

Ten volunteers have stepped up to spread the word on the donations to the gym and helping ReDO members become sustaining members. More are always welcome! Pastor Chad shared a list of options to be a sustaining member:

•Scrap Metal for Christ (drop off upper parking lot)

•Participate in Monday Night’s 6-7pm “Head UP” Philosophical discussion groups

•Participate in Wednesday night’s 6-7pm “Doing Life Together”

•Volunteer to clean, lawn care, and snow removal

•Volunteer for media, website, Instagram, etc.

•Financial donations of 15.00 monthly suggested In all, the gym simply needs income to stay open and the last information available pointed to needing $2,800 by the end of 2022 to stay open. A minimum of $1,500 a month from the members helps make that happen. That is only $15 per month from 100 members. Every dollar counts.

Many of the students go there after school. It is a safe spot for kids to gather and get a good workout in. Something this community has been wanting for a long time is a place for kids to have something to do, but it needs your help.

If you take advantage of ReDO fitness and have not been contributing or would like to sponsor a space for kids to go by making a one time, monthly or yearly donation, visit

You can also call 612-751-1300 or stop by the church to make a donation today.

November 23, 2022