School board seat remains open until Nov. 8 election


By John McLoone

The Hastings School Board will not have an interim board member.

Minnesota State Statutes called for the board to seek a fillin member to fill an open spot on the school board until it’s filled in the Nov. 8 election.

The board seat has been vacant since the resignation in July of Mike Reis just over six months into his term. Reis had been censured by a 42 vote of the board in early May, and that restricted ways he could communicate with school administration and employees. Reis had asked that the censure be reconsidered but was told by Board Chair Brian Davis that the rules of his censure were being continued, to be reviewed monthly.

Three candidates have filed to compete in the special election to fill the remainder of Reis’ threeyear term. They are: Todd A. Kullmann, 2421 Southview Ct., Hastings.

Pamela J. Onnen, 18888 Portwood Way, Hastings.

Mark Z. Zuzek, 2470 Timber View Dr., Hastings. The winner of that special election will be seated after canvassing of votes and acceptance by the school board, likely by December at the latest.

However, because of the timing of the Reis resignation, law required the school district to try to fill the seat until that time. The problem with that is that no one applied to fill that position by the Sept. 6 deadline. The school board had a special meeting scheduled for Sept. 14 to interview candidates. That meeting has been cancelled, according to Hastings School District Administrative Assistant Becky Garcia.

“There were no applicants for the temporary board position,” she said.

The board had been seeking someone who could fill the seat and had prior experience, giving preference to previous Hastings School Board members or anyone who has served on a school board in other districts.

September 14, 2022