Dennis Gerald Peine

I appreciate this opportunity to share a few thoughts as we reach the primary.

After working in architecture firms for a few years i read an article that wrote about college majors, and the quality of education they provided.

Architecture was rated first. After an eye roll and chuckle i continued on and understood. In college in particular, the type of project varied vastly from one to the next.

An art gallery at a prestigious prep school, a masterplan to help revitalize downtown Grand Forks after historic flooding and fires. I was a participant in a national competition where a high density income sensitive housing project needed to be seismicly resistant; definitely a challenge for a midwesterner!

Each project was a new topic. The ability to define, research, develop and frame a solution was the real education.

Eliminating the apprehension of not knowing, and replacing it with critical thinking and problem solving skills has been invaluable. Roadblocks can be reduced to hurdles, and restraints turned in to parameters that give every project a distinct frame.

I believe my education, experience and dedication provide me with informed problem solving skills that can further benefit our community.

My involvements over the last 15 years with various groups have been some of the my most rewarding experiences yet. Bringing my passion for architecture and urban design, my education and my professional experience home has been amazing.

The momentum fueled by the successes downtown over $64 million in private investment have begun to catch the attention of developers elsewhere in our community. The Quill the final piece to Schoolhouse Square is in place, and the Enclave further south in the community will follow.

There are no shortage of challenges in our community. HEDRA had begun to address vermillion street during my tenure, and now the state is in tandem with a road project. We have retail centers that need to be made relevant to todays shopping habits.

Housing is a clear issue. Over 354 rental units are in process, but more comprehensive solutions are needed throughout the community.

I ask for your support to continue. Thank you.

Dennis Peine

August 3, 2022