Dave Pemble

A vote for Dave Pemble on August 9 is a vote for Growth

in Hastings, an Advocate for Hastings and will encourage Progress in Hastings. Bridge the GAP! I think it is very important to support your community in any way you can. I’m currently retired as a lead nuclear machinist at Prairie Island Nuclear Plant. I have served on Hastings Park and Recreation Commission, Hastings Public Safety Advisory Commission and the 2030 Comprehensive Plan Committee for the city as well as over 25 years on the Police Reserves. My experience within the city has been varied and I think that gives me the perspective to be open to new ideas while looking back at what has worked in the past. I have also served 4 years on the ISD #200 School Board which gives me a unique insight on the working relationship between the school and city. I would like to encourage more collaboration there.

Growth is what we need in Hastings! Growth in affordable housing as well as business growth with jobs that pay a living

wage and benefits. I plan to be an enthusiastic Advocate for the city everywhere I go! Promoting Hastings is important as a great place to live and work. With growth and advocacy, we will see Progress! I am excited to work with the city on the upcoming Highway 61 process and construction of the wastewater treatment plant. I will make sure that public safety is always at the forefront for ALL residents. “See something, say something!” Public Safety is everyone’s job. I would like to rebuild neighborhood watch groups and encourage more events like National Night Out to make our neighborhoods stronger.

Being retired, but active, gives me time to devote to the citizens of Hastings and be an asset to the Hastings City Council. Our family values have always emphasized community service from youth to retirement. To learn more visit my Facebook page Dave Pemble for Hastings City Council or send your questions to [email protected] I would be honored to serve Hastings as a council member at large. Please vote for me on Tuesday, August 9 so we can “Bridge the GAP” with Growth, Advocacy and Progress for the residents of Hastings!

Dave Pemble

August 3, 2022