16 years ago HASTINGS ….


July 20, 2006 Coming in from 16 years ago was the news that Hastings would need not one but TWO primaries for the fall election. The update came in via staff writer Jane Lightbourn after seven candidates filed for Council and six were competing to replace the mayor.

But while primaries were certainly an issue, that didn’t keep local residents from enjoying Rivertown Days. Reported in an article by staff writer Hank Long was the news that the 2006 Rivertown Days parade had been filled with over 115 floats, even as temperatures hit 93 degrees.

That being said, not all was good news, as staff writer Heidi Younger reported that the new South Pines Park had suffered vandalism. Filed in a police report by one Hastings mom was the discovery of “vulgar words” written on the new playground equipment. Three teens found nearby reported that they had been sleeping and that “someone else” must have made the damage, while the woman’s son was scared.

31 years ago HASTINGS STAR-GAZETTE Making the “Extra” section from 31 years ago was the memory of Dakota guide Muck-a-pea was ken-ah, a name meaning “Soldier of the Clouds.”

An aide to Henry Hastings Sibley, the guide had helped spare Hastings from destruction during the U.S. Dakota War of 1862.

Called a “great soul” in his Gazette obituary from September 29, 1888, Muck-a-pea-was ken-ah (called “John”) had suffered the rejection and hatred of his tribe “for the defense of unprotected women and children, protecting whom he received injuries” that affected him the rest of his life. A well-off farmer on the reservation prior to the outbreak of war, his actions caused him to lose status, while the war itself was caused in part by the failure of the federal government to keep its promises to the Dakota.

Accepted into the congregation of the Episcopal Church, John’s wife Jean was the daughter- in-law of Chief Wabasha. John died of lockjaw caused by an injury to his foot, never benefiting from a pension granted him. All but forgotten, his story was unearthed by a group of spring cleaners at the cemetery.

46 years ago THE HASTINGS GAZETTE July 1, 1976 Contained in an ad from 46 years ago was the news that the Majestic Ballroom,” located at 9165 Point Douglas Road and six miles north of Hastings was to have live music and beer throughout the summer. Taking place over July and into August, the Majestic Ballroom would host Jules Herman, Cliff Hermel’s Band, Hand Thunander, and Jolly Huntsmen, along with a Polka Festival August 21st and 22nd, featuring over 20 bands.

Dance lessons, meanwhile, were given every Friday.

61 years ago HASTINGS GAZETTE May 11, 1961 Observed Sunday May 14 some 61 years ago was Mother’s Day. The holiday of American origin was based on tribute to a real mother, the Gazette reported, with Miss Anna Jarvis honoring her mother with a church service in Philadelphia all the way back in 1907. The idea had caught on, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day, the carnation being recommended as the official flower, it was reported.

151 years ago THE HASTINGS GAZETTE July 29, 1871 Letters on Psychology. II.

To the editor of the Gazette. I stated in my former letter that the earliest manifestations of mental capacity in the infant are purely automatic, and of a low order; that all the “faculties” that distinguish the higher (orders) of Mammalia, and especially man, are either absent or completely dormant, and that they are developed in a direct ratio to, and in consequence of, the development of the brain. Hence if the growth of the brain be wholly and permanently checked, the mental development (evolution) will be arrested, and consequently the subject can never rise above the abject helplessness of an infant.

This occasionally happens, owing to defective nutrition…I would condemn in the strongest terms the practice of habitually administering to young children those “soothing” preparations so much in vogue just now, all of which contain more or less opium or its active principle, as well as a considerable amount of alcohol… Signed, “I”

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