Six members of Raiders Trap Team Shoot at National Championship

By Dawn Walker

More than 1,716 of the highest qualified student athletes throughout all affiliated state high school clay target leagues competed for the right to be called a National Champion at the US High School Clay Target League National Championships in Mason, Michigan July 6 – 10. Six Hastings Raiders competed against students from California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Hastings qualified one squad to shoot in the team competition against 232 other teams. On day one of the team competition our squad consisting of Brennen Kieffer, Cody Frandrup, Tanner Lamb, Luke Nadeau and Brock Mosher finished the qualifying rounds in 24th place with 477 points (highest to lowest scores 99/97/96/96/89) earning them a spot in finals. The top 80 teams qualified for team finals resulting in shooting another 100 targets at finals on Sunday earning 489 points (highest to lowest scores 99/98/98/97/97) for an accumulative total of 966 out of 1000, finishing in 7th place overall out of 232 teams. That is a huge accomplishment and something to be proud of. Also, a great way for four of our graduating seniors to end their season.

On day one of the individual competition six athletes represented Hastings shooting 100 targets each competing against 1,716 others. Brennen Kieffer and Brock Mosher qualified for finals and shot another 100 targets each on Sunday. The final individual results are as follows: Team High Gun Brennen Kieffer 193 in 145rd place, Brock Mosher 192 in 183rd place, Luke Nadeau 93 in 424th place, Cody Frandrup 92 in 514th place, Tanner Lamb 90 in 761st place and Carter Bauer 82 in 1,350th place. A job well done and great experience for all.

At nationals several athletes shot straights earning them national patches. July 8 during team qualifying rounds Cody Frandrup 25, Luke Nadeau 25, and Brock Mosher 25 and 50. July 9 during individual qualifying rounds Brock Mosher 25 and Brennen Kieffer 25 and 50. July 10 during team finals Tanner Lamb 25, Luke Nadeau 25, Brennen Kieffer 25 and 50, Brock Mosher 25 and 50 and during individual finals Brennen Kieffer 25 and 50 and Brock Mosher 25 and 50.

Congratulations to all that represented Hastings at Nationals!

Five of the Hastings Trap Team members that travelled to nationals. Left to right: Cody Frandrup, Brennan Kieffer, Luke Nadeau, Coach Earl Robinson, Tanner Lamb, and Brock Mosher. Photo courtesy of Dawn Walker

Carter Bauer was the sixth member of the Hastings Trap Team to participate in Nationals in early July. Photo courtesy of Dawn Walker

July 27, 2022