46 years ago THE ….

46 years ago

THE HASTINGS GAZETTE May 13, 1976 Coming in for mention from 46 years ago was the news that tornado season was officially in swing. Winter brought snow, while spring melt and the storms that would follow meant that area residents and the Midwest in general had to be on the alert for severe weather, or even a tornado. Taking the best offense as a ready defense, the Gazette from 1976 shared the following tips with its readers regarding the possibility of a cyclone form of destruction *Keep important papers, such as wills, insurance policies and other records in a safe place not likely to be damaged by wind or fire *Keep an up to date record of possessions, complete with photos, in order to better determine losses after a storm *For those living in a mobile home, it wasn’t a bad idea to try and anchor it with tie downs while taking advantage of natural windbreaks such as hills. Should a twister come, residents were to seek safer shelter as such homes were not quite ideal for weathering the storm, with strong rotating winds able to destroy mobile homes of 1976 “in seconds.”

*When storms threatened, residents were advised to keep a radio and watch television for weather advisories, planning their work and play with the storm in mind. Should a tornado be spotted in the area, residents were advised to move to a safe area “immediately,” generally meaning the basement.

*After the storm, residents and readers were advised to “be careful” and avoid downed power lines or damaged buildings, which could potentially topple over, the Gazette said. Readers were instructed to “inspect your property” as quickly and practically as possible, while leaving word with neighbors should relocation be necessary. Finally with police and fire on scene after a storm, the Gazette warned readers against looters and those others who would try to take advantage in the aftermath of the storm, rather than help as with police and fire.

Finally closing out the week of May 13 some 46 years ago, the Minnesota State Legislature had set low interest rates for low income families, with the loans and grants secured meant to give a leg up in securing housing.

“I understand the maximum income limit set for direct grant applicants is $5,000” State Representative Harry Sieben said, “but this limit may be increased.” With $6 million of the $21 million set aside for senior homeowners, energy savings were also a goal fo the plan.

61 years ago

THE HASTINGS GAZETTE May 11, 1961 Giving a gentle reminder to anglers as fishing season started back in 1961, those who expected to fish the opener on May 13 had to have a proper license “on their person,” the Gazette said. The warning, made by Minnesota’s chief game warden Francis Johnson, was to be followed with enforcement—no excuses.

“We weren’t fooling last year on this matter of license violations and we won’t be fooling this year either,” Johnson made known of intent to enforce state laws related to fish and wildlife conservation.

156 years ago


Horse Fair. To the Editor of the Conserver: I presume by this time that every one that given up any idea of having a county fair this fall, and, as it seems to me that it will be good for the farmers of this and the adjoining counties to gather themselves together for the purpose of looking at the stock and comparing notes generally, we proposed appointing a day some time in October and holding a horse fair, where every one may exhibit any good stock they may chance to have, also offer a few small premiums or purses for throwing to make the thing more interesting. So let all owners of post horses and colts get them in fix, that we may have a good time.

Porter Martin Hampton, July 31, 1866

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