House fire on Eddy St and 13th St W

By Bruce Karnick

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Wednesday, April 27, sometime around 3:00 p.m., the Hastings Fire Department received a call for a house fire at 1226 Eddy St. According to the Dakota County GIS map, the 1,062 square foot home is owned by Ken and Robin Schluessler.

Witnesses on the scene indicated that Ken had just finished up in the shower when someone passing by had alerted the couple to the fire.

“There were no injuries. Everybody got out safely. Thanks to some good Samaritans who noticed the fire and pounded on their door to alert them that they had a fire on their back porch,” Assistant Fire Chief Chris Polson said.

The witnesses also explained that Robin has mobility issues and had to be carried out of the house. That is when the neighbors jumped into action to help the couple out. They provided a chair and blankets for Robin until she could be attended to by EMS on the scene.

When firefighters arrived, the fire was mostly on the exterior of the back of the home but had begun to find its way inside. The entrance to the home on the driveway side was destroyed and there appears to be major damage to the northwest corner of the building. The siding was also melted off the garage and the neighbors window cracked from the heat.

The house is boarded up at the damaged points, something that is important to HFD to make sure the home is protected.

“We've got contacts for a number of companies that will come out and board up a house. Ultimately, it would be the responsibility of the property owner, but if they request us to arrange that for him, we're happy to do that. And usually if somebody's in contact with their insurance company, their insurance company might have our preferred company that does the board up process but the big thing for us is that the property can be secured after the fire,” explained Polson The fire is still under investigation, so no cause has been determined as of Monday. No one was injured in the fire. Responders cleared the scene between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m.

Photo by Bruce Karnick

May 4, 2022