City Council approves funding to complete repairs and upgrades to City Hall

By Bruce Karnick

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City hall repairs and upgrades

In 2020, the state legislature appropriated $2 million of the state bonding bill in the form of a grant to the City of Hastings for repairs, construction and other capital improvements needed to renovate the historic Hastings City Hall. Funds from the grant were for repairs of the dome and roofing, HVAC improvements and repairs to interior walls and exterior masonry of the building. The project was estimated to cost $3.4 million in total and the city is now looking at a balance of $877,000 to complete the project.

Along with the $2 million from the state bonding, the city had already spent $307,991 on the project and it had received a grant from the Historical Society for $212,187. The finance committee recommended the use of ARPA funds to cover the final city share on April 27.

Basketball Court Project.

The basketball courts at Cannon Parl. Cari Park, Pioneer Park, Tuttle Park and Wilson Park need to be replaced or repaired.

The courts at Wilson and Tuttle Parks can be pressure washed, scrubbed, filled and leveled and then color coated and striped.

The courts at Cannon, Cari, and Pioneer Parks need to be fully replaced with new asphalt and then color coated and striped.

Staff solicited quotes for the asphalt work from Bituminous Roadways and Pine Bend Paving. Bituminous Roadways is the low quote at $44,500.00 to replace the courts at Cannon, Cari, and Pioneer Park.

Staff solicited a quote from Court Surfaces & Repair, Inc. for the cleaning, color coating and striping for all courts, with a total of $25,450.00.

Financial Impact: The 2022 budget allocated a total of $59,000.00 for this project. After soliciting quotes for the three replacements, the final cost for this project will be $69,950.00, and staff are requesting a $10,950.00 budget adjustment to accomplish this project in 2022. Funds for this project have been allocated for Park Dedication Funds, staff suggest allocating the additional funds from Park Dedication Funds as well.

Photo by Bruce Karnick

May 4, 2022