Land Transfers

PIERCE COUNTY Land Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded by the Pierce County Register of Deeds April 18-22.

April 18 Allen F. & Lynn W. Most Family Limited Partnerships to Braeden H. Hentz & Margret M. Morse, Lot 74, Great Rivers Second Ad dition, City of Prescott.

Jesse Cebulla to Tyrell J. Hoyer, Lots 11, 12, 13, Block 13, Original Plat, Vil –

lage of Spring Valley.

Linda Bloom to Jack R.

Hannack, Lots 10-11, Block C, Ekblom & Allyn’s Addi- tion, Village of Spring Val ley.

April 19 Matthew D. & Jessica L.

Brown to Travis & Wendy Thayer, SE-NE, Sec. 32,

Town of El Paso.

EW Homes Inc. to James R. & Charlotte E. Burt, Lot 53, The Palmetto Phase II, City of Prescott.

Ronald F. & Darlene M.

Langer to John R. & Jennifer M. Langer, NW-SE, Sec. 10; NE-NE, Sec. 10; SE-NE, Sec. 10; SW-NW, Sec. 11, Town of Trimbelle.

Hunter S. Schoengarth

to Dennis Bjornstad, Lot 12, Block 1, AC Bjornson’s Addition, Town of El Paso.

April 20


April 21 John M. Curry to Angela M. Doring, Lot 34, Hiawatha Heights Addition, Town of Trenton.

Steve & Kathy Senty to Hunter Boutelle, Pt. SWSW, Sec. 34, Town of Tren ton.

Christian W. & Cheryl M. Nelson to Amanda Lavell & David Sandoval,

Lot 11, The Bennett Plat, Village of Bay City.

Daniel L. Knutson, Larry S. Knutson & Gordon P. Knutson to Trevin J. Hines, Pt. SE-NW, Sec. 19, Town of Gilman.

Bernard H. Fredrickson

to Zachary & Fallon Ratzlow, Pt. SE-NW, Sec. 34, Town of Union.

Timothy J. & Kristi A.

Charles to Lukas R. & Jamie E. Spellerberg, Pt. SWSE, Sec. 19, Town of Oak Grove.

Donald D. & Tracy J.

Biggs to Christopher Berry & Sahara Huhn, Pt.

SW-SE, Sec. 12, Village of Spring Valley.

April 22 Gerald O. & Juliann Burg to Raymond O. Michele A. Burg; Kristie Lee Jensen, Pt. of NW-NW, Sec. 22, Village of Plum City.

Larry A. Cichese to Caitlin M. & Michael J. Olsen,

Lot 19, Grotenhuis Addition, City of River Falls.

Daniel & Katie Tabbert

to Jared L. & Jennifer N.

Biscoe, Lot 56, Whitetail Crest, Town of Oak Grove.

April 26, 2022