Incoming Prescott Mayor Rob Daugherty received his Oath of Ovce from City Clerk Jayne Brand at the Prescott City Council Organizational Meeting held April 19 as city council members look on. Daugherty has been a longtime council member and has acted as council president. He takes the reigns from David Hovel, who decided against seeking re-election.
Daugherty takes over as Prescott mayor

By John McLoone

PRESCOTT – The Prescott City Coun – cil held its annual organizational meeting Tuesday night, ushering in the term of new – ly-elected Mayor Rob Daugherty.

At the close of the eight-minute session, the comment was made that Daugherty al – ready broke the record for meeting speed of his predecessor, David Hovel, who was may – or since 2014 and decided against seeking re-election. Hovel was known for keeping business moving at meetings.

City Clerk Jayne Brand administered the Oath of Ovce to Daugherty, incoming alderperson John Peterson and incumbent alderperson Maureen Otwell at the meet – ing. Council members Dar Hintz, Tom Oss, Bailey Ruona, and Pat Knox also attended. Ruona was elected city council president and would preside over the council if Daugherty is absent.

The council approved Cedar Corp. as city engineer, and Pierce County Journal as ov –

cial newspaper and Phil Helgeson of Hey – wood, Cari, Anderson, S.C. as city attorney. It approved its local bank depositories as well.

Daugherty presented his appointments to city committees as follows:

• Finance – Mayor and Full Council • Public Works – Chair – Peterson, Ruona,


• Health / Safety – Chair – Knox, Otwell,


• Ordinance – Chair – Hintz, Ruona, Oss • Parks / Public Property – Chair – Ruona,

Peterson, Knox

• Personnel – Chair – Otwell, Hintz, Ruona • License – Chair – Oss, Hintz, Knox • Board of Review – Chair – Daugherty, Ruona, Hintz, Otwell Council representatives: Plan commission: Peterson Prescott Community Recreation: Otwell Library board: Knox Prescott EMS and Fire Association: Oss Friends of Freedom Park: Ruona Prescott Industrial: Hintz In addition, Hovel was appointed to an open seat on the plan commission. James –

on Feltes was appointed to the Cable Com – mission, Jerry Klausen was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals and Neil Riley was appointed to the Police Commission.

Photo by John McLoone

Pictured at left, John Peterson is the new Ward 1 alderperson on the Prescott City Council. In the photo at right, Maureen Otwell was re-elected in Ward 2. Both had their Oath of Of- fice administered April 19 at the Prescott City Council Organizational Meeting by city clerk Jayne Brand. Photos by John McLoone

April 26, 2022