Prescott Mayor David Hovel decided against seeking re-election this spring. He has been mayor since 2014. Journal file photo
2022 Spring Election: Who is running for local office?

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about who will have your vote either in the Feb. 15 primary or on Election Day Tuesday, April 5.

Two school board races (Spring Valley and Elmwood) and River Falls City Council Alderperson-at- Large will have a primary election on Feb. 15.

For those who wanted to throw their hats in the ring for Pierce County Board, school board, or city council for the April 2022 election, nomination papers had to be filed by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 4. However, write-in candidates can file until noon on April 1, said Prescott Deputy Clerk Jayne Brand.

Town boards will be holding caucuses throughout January to determine who is on the ballot for those municipalities. The Journal will publish that information when it’s available.

Here’s a rundown of who will be on your ballot for local school board, village


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board, city council and Pierce County Board. Incumbents are denoted with a star *.

School boards


Three seats are open on the Ellsworth School Board (for three-year terms): President Doug Peterson, Clerk Susan Beck and Julie Lundstrom. Peterson will not be running for re-election, but five people will be competing for the three open seats: Susan Beck*, Julie Lundstrom*, Douglas Graf, Michael Petersen and Donald Eaves III.


Elmwood School District voters will need to vote in a primary on Feb. 15. With two open seats and five candidates, a primary is necessary. Incumbent Sandra Weix is not running. The five candidates are (in order on the ballot) Megan Wolf, Adam D. Carson*, Andrew A. Zierl, Adam Garfield and Gared R. Pieper.

Plum City

Incumbents Paul McDonough* and Kris Ingli* filed papers to be on the ballot to retain their positions. They will run unopposed for the two open seats.


Two seats (for three-year terms) are open on Prescott School Board: President Mike Matzek* and Vicki Rudolph.* Both are running for re-election and will face challengers Ken Anderson and Eric Oie.

River Falls

River Falls School Board incumbents Vice President Amy Halvorson* and Lindsey Curtis’* seats are on the ballot this April. Halvorson has decided not to run again, while Curtis will be on the ballot with Natasha Schaefer, Mike Miller and Patrick Richter for the two open seats.

Spring Valley

Spring Valley School District will also hold a primary on Feb. 15 for three open seats. Incumbent Guy W. Leach* filed non-candidacy papers, while incumbents April Robelia* and Brian T. Wang* (who was appointed to fill Cristy Peavy’s spot in November when she resigned due to taking a school district job) will be on the February ballot with six others: Nate Flanders, Jon Erickson, Dan Stasiek, Joan E. Ford, Monica Vorlicek and Minda J. Matthys.


Bay City

Bay City Village Board will hold its caucus at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12 in the Bay City Village Hall.


Although three village trustee seats are open, only two incumbents are hoping to get re-elected. Michael Steele* has chosen not to run for re-election, while Mindy Anderson* and Scott Feuerhelm* will be on the ballot. That leaves one village trustee seat open.


Three village trustee seats are open for Elmwood Village Board; Josh Bleskacek* is throwing his hat in the ring again, while Marge Binkowski* and Rick Stohr* have decided to opt out. Joining Bleskacek on the ballot will be Luke Weix and Jason Severson.

Maiden Rock

One village board trustee position is open, currently held by Cynde Randall.* A sole nomination came in at the Jan. 4 caucus, Anthony Lins.

Plum City

Incumbents Peggy Gilles* and Rick Gilles* will be on the ballot unopposed for their two open village trustee seats.


Mayor David Hovel* is not seeking re-election, while current Alderperson Robert Daugherty is running for mayor. This leaves the Alderperson 1 position open, and no one has filed. Alderperson 2 Maureen Otwell* will be on the ballot to keep her seat.

River Falls

Get ready for another primary for two Alderperson-at-Large positions on the River Falls City Council. While Ben Plunkett* is not running (he is hoping to be elected to Pierce County Board), Scott Morrissette* will be on the ballot, along with Benjamin Blanchard, Jeff Bjork, Michael Metro and Jacob Proue.

Alderperson 4 Todd Bjerstedt* is unopposed, as are Mayor Dan Toland* and Municipal Judge Daniel Gorman*.

Spring Valley

Three village trustee seats need to be filled, but only two people have filed papers to be on the ballot. Incumbents Matt Huepfel* and Kevin Olson* are not seeking re-election, while Rich O’Connell* and Brad Jorgenson will be on the ballot, leaving one seat open.

Village Clerk Luann Emerson said the Wisconsin Elections Commission told her that when there are fewer candidates running than there are seats to be filled, an official write-in filing with the clerk is not necessary. On Election Day, all write-ins will be counted.

County Board

All 17 Pierce County Board of Supervisors’ terms expire April 18, 2022. Only one incumbent, District 5’s Jeff Bjork (River Falls) has filed non-candidacy papers. District 4’s Ruth Wood did not file the proper non-candidacy papers, which left that district’s filing deadline open until 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 7.

District 1 (City of Prescott Wards 3-6) – Kris Sampson* and Ruth Gredvig District 2 (Town of Clifton Wards 1-3) – Jim Ashbach*

District 3 (Town of River Falls Ward 3, City of River Falls Ward 8) – Jon Aubart* District 4 (City of River Falls Wards 5-7) – Lynn Paatalo District 5 (City of River Falls Wards 12-13) – Ben Plunkett District 6 (City of River Falls Wards 9-10) – Michael Kahlow* District 7 (City of River Falls Wards 11 & 14) – Scott Bjork* District 8 (Town of Martell Ward 2, Town of River Falls Wards 1-2) – Dean Bergseng* and Martin Kretzmann District 9 (Town of Gilman, Town of Spring Lake Ward 2, Village of Spring Valley) – Paula Lugar* and Angela Mathison District 10 Town of El Paso Ward 1, Town of Rock Elm, Town of Spring Lake Ward 1, Village of Elmwood) – Rodney Gilles* and Crystal Mooney District 11 (Town of Ellsworth Ward 1, Village of Ellsworth Wards 2 & 4) – Neil Gulbranson* District 12 (Town of Ellsworth Ward 2, Town of Martell Ward 1, Village of Ellsworth Wards 1 & 3) – Dale Auckland* District 13 (Town of Oak Grove Ward 3, Town of Trimbelle Wards 1-2) – Daniel Puhrmann* District 14 (Towns of Hartland, Isabelle and Trenton Ward 2; Village of Bay City) – Bill E. Schroeder* and Melissa Petersen District 15 (Town of Oak Grove Ward 1, City of Prescott Wards 1-2) – Jerry Kosin* and Craig Theis District 16 (Town of Diamond Bluff, Town of Oak Grove Ward 2, Town of Trenton Ward 1) – Chair Jeff Holst* and Sheila Lorentz District 17 (Towns of Salem and Union, Villages of Maiden Rock and Plum City) – Mel Pittman*

January 11, 2022