Al Haas Mayor, City of Stanley
City thanks tornado cleanup volunteers

The City of Stanley would like to send our deepest appreciation to all whose who helped after the tornado. We had an amazing number of volunteers who came to aid in the clean-up. So many restaurants and businesses brought hot meals for our residents, volunteers, and city workers. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the surrounding communities. Special thanks to all the emergency response teams that came from other cities to help, as well as other municipalities. Thank you to all those who gave their time to help, and those who brought water, clothing, blankets, and so many other necessary items. We are very grateful for all the help we received from the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Russ Bauer from Chippewa Emergency Management. We also thank all the ministers and church groups who came to support our residents, as well as all those who gave their names and phone numbers to come in later to help. We received so much help from so many areas, it would be impossible to name them all. We are truly grateful for all your help and generosity.

January 5, 2022