Looking forward to 2022

WOW, can you believe that it’s 2022?! Time does fly when you’re having fun. Our year, with me writing for the Journal and you reading it (thank you again for that), actually started mid-2021, with my trip to Lake Vermilion in August. Uncle Frank and Justin Durand joined me at a cabin in northern Minnesota.

Uncle Frank trapped crayfish off the dock. He didn’t catch enough for a meal but we did have enough for a small appetizer. Honest to goodness, it was a hoot checking the trap every night. The muskies didn’t exactly jump into the boat but Justin and I did manage to land a couple of dandies. I consider every musky caught a trophy and putting a couple of near four footers into the net makes that celebration a little sweeter. Even though we only boated two fish it was certainly enough to make sure I go back again next summer. Heck, I got shut out one year and I still went back.

From crayfish and muskies in Minnesota we moved on to archery elk in Colorado. My brother Whammer and I dealt with

January 4, 2022