Final championship trophy just minutes after beating Chippewa Falls on the road in a five-set match on Saturday, Oct. 30. Photo by Reagan Hoverman


RFHS volleyball survives a


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Division 1 sectional final: Perhaps the most compelling sporting event that The Journal covered in 2021 was the Division 1 WIAA Sectional Final volleyball match between River Falls and Chippewa Falls at the Chippewa Falls High School on Saturday, Oct. 30. The Chippewa gymnasium was perhaps the loudest of the year. It was filled floor to ceiling with Chi-Hi fans, not to mention the fake ESPN booth in the student section which featured two high school boys wearing suits and headsets pretending to call the game. It was a game that reminded everyone in the gym what sports are all about – passion, competition and fun. River Falls survived in the fifth set to reach yet another state tournament appearance and embraced one of the most emotional matches of their lives.

January 4, 2022