Josh McLay
Joshua McLay court case comes to a conclusion

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What began in October of 2018, finally came to a conclusion on December 23, 2021. Joshua Gerald McLay, age 40, of Hastings agreed to enter Dakota County’s Adult Community Accountability Program.

McLay, a former assistant principal and former head wrestling coach in Hastings was accused of misappropriating nearly $14,000 in funds. The money was part of ‘Fund 11’ funds. Fund 11 money cannot be used for entertainment purposes. During an audit in October of 2018, it was found that a procurement card was used to purchase 10 tickets to a Florida State-Notre Dame football game.

That led to an investigation and the investigation determined similar instances happened over a period of seven years. In November of 2018, a special school board meeting was held where McLay and his attorney presented an offer to the school. Mc-Lay would resign from both positions within the school system and be moved to a teaching position. The school board accepted the offer and McLay has been a teacher since.

At the December 23rd hearing, McLay entered the accountability program. According to the agreement, McLay will serve a probation like period of 24 months. During that time, he must remain law abiding and keep records updated with the county and Diversion Solutions, the executor of the program. McLay will also pay a restitution including fees for the program which includes 40 hours of community service, classes regarding Theft/ Shoplifting/Property. The purpose of the program is to rehabilitate the offender.

December 29, 2021