Jail Log


Saturday, Dec. 18 Victor Mosim, 47, Hammond, by SCSO, warrant. Zachariah Albert, 31, New Richmond, by NR police, misdemeanor bail jumping (two counts), resisting or obstructing an officer.

Charles Daniel Williams, 27, St. Paul, by Hudson police, felony bail jumping, domestic disorderly conduct.

Sunday, Dec. 19 Emily Rose Mooney, 24, address not listed, by SCSO, possession of methamphetamine, possession of meth paraphernalia.

Monday, Dec. 20 Wesley John Stayberg, 30, Hudson, by SCSO, domestic disorderly conduct.

Tuesday, Dec. 21 Dawn Marie Hase, 42, Roberts, by SCSO, possess drug paraphernalia, municipal writ – serving 0 days.

Joshua James Jesmer, 33, Oakdale, Minn., by SCSO, warrant.

Thaddeus Benedict Casey, 36, River Falls, by Wisconsin State Patrol, felony bail jumping, OWI-second.

Nicole Ann Gans, 29, River Falls, by SCSO, probation hold, warrant.

Dimitri Robert Elliott, 22, Glenwood City, by SCSO, probation hold, warrants.

Isaiah Michael Vanheel, 21, Benson, Minn., by SCSO, St. Croix County warrant, Barron County warrant.

Julio Antonio Truhler, 19, Hudson, by New Richmond police, municipal writ – serving 0 days.

Eugenio David Zezza, 41, Hudson, by Probation & Parole, probation violation.

Jusdon Aaron Jones, 44, Red Wing, Minn., by SCSO, warrant.

Wednesday, Dec. 22 Spencer Leland Neadeau-Lyons, 22, Menomonie, by Wisconsin State Patrol, operating while revoked, misdemeanor bail jumping.

Matthew Allen Turenne, 30, River Falls, by SCSO, disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property.

Anthony Paul Grasso, 32, address not listed, probation hold.

Tanya Lynn Anderson, 51, address not listed, by SCSO, OWI-second.

Nicole Lyn Dargiewicz, 37, Milltown, by Somerset police, warrant, resisting or obstructing an officer, domestic battery.

Melissa Marie Schlussler, 36, Menomonie, by NR police, warrant.

Anissa Michelle Burton, 51, New Richmond, by NR police, misdemeanor bail jumping, operating while revoked,

ignition interlock device tampering.

Joshua Dale Fehr, 32, Frederic, by SCSO, probation hold.

Joshua Eugene Rush, 33, Somerset, by Somerset police operate without valid license (second).

Joel Ignacio Rosas, 29, New Richmond, by NR police, ignition interlock device tampering (two counts), operating while revoked.

Jessica Jan Olson, 48, Roberts, by Probation & Parole, probation hold.

Manuel Antonio Lira, 28, Minneapolis, by SCSO, warrant.

Eugene Leon Thomas, 29, Minneapolis, by NR police, possession of cocaine/coca, probation violation.

Jazmyne Day Cannon, 19, Eau Claire, by SCSO, warrant, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of THC, felony bail jumping, take and drive vehicle without consent.

Thursday, Dec. 23 Paul Anthony Marks, 37, New Richmond, by SCSO, warrant, felony bail jumping, possess drug paraphernalia.

Wesley Owen Clay, 29, Landfall Village, Minn., by Somerset police, domestic disorderly conduct.

Micheal David Kalinowski, 33, New Richmond, by NR police, warrant, possess drug paraphernalia.

Uriah James Meidlinger, 23, Lake Elmo, Minn., by Probation & Parole, probation hold.

Andre M. Nelson, 40, address not listed, by Probation & Parole, probation hold.

Michael Anthony Casanova, 36, Hudson, by SCSO, warrant.

Robert Charles Carlson, 78, Hudson, by SCSO, misdemeanor bail jumping, domestic battery.

Friday, Dec. 24 Tianna K. Rose, 27, Minneapolis, by SCSO, warrant. Saturday, Dec. 25 James D. Kippes, 60, Somerset, by SCSO, warrant. Aaron John Moore, 26, New Richmond, by SCSO, domestic disorderly conduct.

Sunday, Dec. 26 Jose Daniel Altena, 18, Menomonie, by NR police, burglary – building or dwelling, probation hold.

Shannon Ray Stevens, 45, Webster, by Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, warrant, probation hold.

Bailey Shayne Martin, 31, New Richmond, by SCSO, sentenced, serving 30 days.

John Randall Scheet, 40, Dresser, by SCSO, warrant. Monday, Dec. 27 William Charles Dulas II, 38, Wilson, by SCSO, domestic disorderly conduct.

December 28, 2021