Miracle Minute at Medford nets $800 for Stanley Relief Fund

Darryl Pries has been refereeing games for decades, and in that time he’s made connections across the state. Married to Stanley Theater manager Theresa Pries, the Cadott police officer was in for a surprise while refereeing a game between Medford and Tomahawk recently, as his ties with the Stanley area resulted in the raising of $800 for the Stanley Relief Fund, in what went down in history as the “Miracle Minute.” Referee Pries gave more details when reached via telephone.

“What they did was my friends in Owen- Withee contacted the Medford Athletic Director,” Pries said of a stop he made and conversation had while returning to the area from referee duty elsewhere. Kris Karaba was the friend who contacted the athletic director, Pries said.

Days later and before the game started at Medford, the game announcer said, “We have an announcement to make,” then going into what Stanley had experienced from the tornado. Pries was given an opportunity to speak and students were then sent into the stands to collect donations. When the ‘Miracle Minute’ as it was called had ended, the fans at the game had raised $800 to the Stanley Relief Fund. The money will be deposited by check in the bank account started at Forward Financial in Stanley to help those in need due to the recent tornado.

Referee Darryl Pries with students at Medford, where a "Miracle Minute" campaign netted $800 to the Stanley Relief Fund. Submitted photo.

December 22, 2021