What School Did You Attend?

I’m pretty sure that many of the reasons I turned out to be the child I was, is because of the school I attended. I’m as sure that I became the teenager I became because of the school I attended, and I’m equally as sure that I became the young adult based on my educational experience. Now before you jump to conclusions and start blaming public education let me define the term school. I’m not referring to only public or private entities but rather the totality of what I learned through home, school, work, relationships and the like.

My parents were a great influence on my life but they were also a relatively minor influence as I became more independent of home. I am the one who chose my friends who taught me much in the way of good and bad thinking and acting.

Society played a role as I watched with interest some TV and movies which shaped the way I saw the opposite sex and the way I saw politicians and significant figureheads.

For those of us who took a turn in life and traveled the road of poor decisions, the school attended did us no favors. It shaped our discontent and our disappointments. It caused us to see differences of opinion in a certain light and even shaped the way we used our mind for right or for wrong.

Today many have attended the school that has made them see things opposite of God’s perspective. They are calling things that God warns will harm us as good things because they feel good for a moment.

Isaiah 5:20 (NIV) Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Maybe we need to go back to a school that teaches the truth and shows us a right path. That school can be seen in the Bible and I encourage you to attend a class often held on Sunday mornings at many churches. I’ve been taking classes now for 43 years and I’m still learning. My graduation ceremony is when I enter heaven and live eternally with Christ. Ask yourself what school you’ve attended and adjust accordingly.

Written by Pastor Paris Pasch of The Journey Church in Hastings

December 15, 2021