Best gifts ever

It’s my guess that as we get closer and closer to Christmas some of you may be in panic mode when it comes to buying a gift for your favorite outdoor person. In the past I offered some gift suggestions, but full disclosure, those were some not-so-subtle hints to my own family on what I wanted. This year I decided to go in a different direction. I asked my hunting and fishing cronies to share with me the greatest outdoor gifts they had ever received and here are their responses. Hopefully it will provide you with some ideas.

Big River Rich was the first to respond. His wife Ruth gave him a Filson pheasant hunting jacket and her niece gave him a Browning folding hunting knife with a field dressing hook. He added: “I was so pleased with both that I bought a spare of each.”

Stevie Todd, a crony from my youth, said that his all-time favorite gift was a Zebco 202. The reel took on legendary status when he landed a 24-inch and a 26-inch Brown Trout. Both trout were mounted and still hang on the wall of his childhood home.

Randy Meier, another crony from my youth, also listed a fishing reel as his all-time fav. His was a Garcia Mitchell 300 allsteel construction reel that was built like a tank. He still owns that childhood heirloom and still claims that he out-fished every kid in the valley with this reel.

I received my favorite gift from my younger brother. He set the bar so high for other gifts that I doubt it will ever be topped. He took some of the lures that he inherited from our Grandpa Wally and arranged them in a shadow display boxed frame.

December 14, 2021