Billie Schilling, RN, Aspirus Medford Hospital, earned Aspirus Health’s Clinical Climate Champion award for identifying and leading several sustainability projects, including re-
Aspirus Health presents registered nurse Billie Schilling with Clinical Climate Champion award

WAUSAU, Wis. – Billie Schilling, RN, is the first-ever recipient of Aspirus Health's Clinical Climate Champion award. Schilling is a regis –

tered nurse providing care as part of the oper – ating room team at Aspirus Medford Hospital.

Presented by the committee that oversees

cycling flexible plastics. Submitted photo. AWARD

system-wide sustainability efforts at Aspirus Health, the award recognizes clinical team members who identify and implement sustain –

able clinical practices, and demonstrate lead – ership and innovation within their department through: • Reducing waste (material, energy, water, carbon equivalents and more).

• Improving the patient experience and em – ployee safety.

• Supporting operational performance. Schilling earned this honor for pinpointing and spearheading several sustainable practice changes within Aspirus Medford's operating room (OR), including: • Establishing a partnership to recycle flexi –

ble plastics into park benches made from recy –

cled materials.


• Replacing one-time-use patient foam posi – tioners with reusable gel positioners.

• Upcycling towels into cleaning rags rather than sending them to the landfill.

• Creating signage for recycling bins and providing education within the OR suite about recycling hard plastic waste.

• Repurposing batteries that are used once and otherwise landfilled.

In honor of Schilling's remarkable efforts, five trees are being planted in the Superior Na – tional Forest in her name.

Aspirus Health is committed to aggressive sustainability goals for the health of the com – munities it serves. Goals for the Aspirus system hospitals include reducing carbon emissions by 80% and reducing energy costs by 50%, both by 2030.

December 8, 2021