Plot sneak peek

As a blizzard rages outside on Christmas Eve, the troubled people find themselves trapped in a lonely train station. They are forced to turn to each other for companionship and reliant upon the care of the old stationmaster, Charlie, to make them more comfortable.

When the clock strikes midnight, a knock on the station door results in the appearance of seven youngsters. They’ve been drawn to the station lights from the nearby church where in secret they’ve been practicing the story of the nativity. They’ve been planning to present the story at the regular Christmas Day service, and offer to perform it for the travelers. Their light-hearted Christmas pageant offers festive entertainment for the weary travelers.

Afterward, as the children speak to the travelers individually, they seem to have wisdom beyond their years. Each, in their own quirky way, provides insight into the resolution of the individual travelers’ challenges. Francis (Ezra Suave) seems to have advice as to what Irving needs to have a story published. Mabel (Alyssa Hamater) gives Neil a little push into believing in his own artistic abilities. Elizabeth (Gracie Hurlburt) by loving and caring for her doll, shows Sarah how motherhood would be a rewarding responsibility. Katherine (Gwen Yonke) helps Anne realize she can forgive and ask for forgiveness as well as move forward from tragedy with hope and inspiration. More advice is given by the remaining children, John (Parker Peabody), Helen (Lilly Morgan), and Wally (Grayson Vorlicek). The next morning, as a new, younger stationmaster lights a Christmas candle, we realize the mysterious stop in the travelers’ journey was more than accidental. It has given them a renewed spirit and resolve in the space of one full evening – a very special Christmas Eve.

November 30, 2021